Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning factions guide

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Travelers Faction

This faction is definitely one for the sneaky, thieving kind. Most of the questline involves stealing and picking locks, and the rewards absolutely favor those who’ve invested in the stealth skill and finesse abilities. You’ll first encounter this faction on the path from Glendara to Lorca-Rane, where you can find a sentry named Grim Onwig near the Star Camp (on the south side of the path). He’ll give you the first quest.

The Guided Hands

Pray at the Heirophant temple and you’ll be given three tasks involving theft. If you are having trouble stealing these items stealthily, don’t worry; you may get caught, but that’s not the end of the world, especially considering a few achievements are tied to clashing with the law. Return the items to Crilgarin in the Star Camp to get your next quest.

The Silent Step

Go back to the shrine to pray. You’ll be tasked with stealing some boots, but not before traveling to Aodh and speaking to Aergase to learn their location. You have to go north to Arduath and defeat Ametair.

Upon speaking to Ametair for the first time, you can win “The Hunter’s Friend” amulet (+6% Damage with Ranged, +6% Damage vs. best, and +1 Stealth) if you successfully persuade him. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to go through the dungeon and kill him.

Ametair isn’t particularly difficult to defeat, but he does have a habit of retreating further into the dungeon after taking damage. Just keep up the chase and be patient. Loot the boots from his corpse and take them to Crilgarin.


Grim Onwig has been captured, and it’s up to you to rescue him. Ohn’s Stand is your destination, and it is filled with locked chests and doors. If your lockpicking skill isn’t very high but you still want the loot, bring plenty of picks. Speak to Onwig through his cell door. He’ll outline three possible ways you can free him. There’s no significant benefit to be had by choosing one over the others, but it’s probably easiest to steal the key from the guard (or kill him and loot it). Free Onwig and return to Crilgarin.

Something Borrowed

Head to the Moon Camp near Rathir and speak to Irion. Pray at the nearby shrine to get your new mission - stealing three more items. Like before, you can use your skills and/or potions to get these items without being seen, or just take them by force. Even with a low stealth skill, it’s quite easy to get these items quietly.

Going Rogue

After turning in the items, pray at the statue once again. You and Phasmer Humm must work together to crawl through the Rithen dungeon and steal and Amulet. After you’ve finished up there, Grim Onwig will give you your next task.

Mirror, Mirror

Head to the Blackened Hall on the Tywili Coast. Just note that there are significantly more traps in the Blackened Hall than there were in Rithen, so take your time if your detect hidden skill isn’t high.

The Guardian at the end of the dungeon is actually a Niskaru Tyrant. If you haven’t faced one before, always be on your guard; Tyrants have a variety of ranged and melee attacks and a large pool of health. As always, a full fate meter can do wonders. After taking out the Guardian, finish up head back to the entrance to The Blackened Hall to speak to Grim.

Outside the Box

Speak to Argine in the Sun Camp in Deytre to get your next assignment: stealing the Master Pick from Eloren Criet in the Adessa Laboratories. Steal the key from Eloren (who will be asleep, making the task easy), use it to get into the Armory, and steal the box that contains the Master Pick. Head back to Argine.

Head to Stebic’s lab in Apotyre to find the Arrivus Engine. The door will be locked (hard). The lab contains a handful of Faer Gorta, so be prepared for a fight. Using the Arrivus Engine will break the pick, so head back to Argine.

Classic Misdirection

It’s back to the statue for another round of ‘prayer.’ Head for Convict’s Cavern to the northwest. Once inside, speak to Maun Cointaker. He’ll give you a key and tell you that his hoard is at Snaketail Grotto. Head there. Once inside, follow the quest markers to assemble Maun’s key. Be warned that this dungeon is crawling with Bandits, though most of them are fighting amongst themselves.

Once you have the key ready, meet Grim at the dungeon’s entrance for your next quest.

The Purloined Letters

Go to Adessa and meet with Phasmer, then enter the Livrarium Vaults. As you head through the vaults you’ll run into several sentries. You can sneak past them, but they aren’t particularly difficult to kill. Once you have the Missives of Sable, your cover will be blown anyway. Leave the library and return to Grim, who is in the Hospitalis Headquarters.

Note: to access the chest in the room near the Missives of Sable (which contains the vault key), use the nearby lever to extinguish the flames, then, going clockwise from the lever, interact with each brazier in order (if you stand in front of the lit braziers for a couple of seconds, you can interact with them). This method of toggling the torches will eventually lead to them all being lit simultaneously.

Thick as Thieves

It’s time to confront Argine. Go back to the Sun Camp and use the secret entrance to Hierophant’s Den. Once inside, no matter your initial choice, Argine will give you the Sanctum Key.

Speak to Crilgarin, and she’ll give you some advice, saying you need to find a bag of winds to breach the Sanctum. Continue following the quest markers until eventually you are forced to choose a wing. This is where the faction quest finally branches.

Eastern (Right) Wing

Taking this path means you want to frame Grim. You can sneak up behind him and plant the Missives on him without him noticing, or knock him out and do it that way. Note that you cannot kill Grim or the gnomish sentries that come to aid him. After framing him, jump off the jump point nearby and head for the quest marker. Escape the ruin with Argine and she will reward you with the valuable Shadowskin Armor set, which increases your critical hit %, significantly improves critical hit damage (55% with the full set), adds +1 to stealth, and boosts your gold drops and experience earned by 10%. It requires a Finesse level of 28 and offers a total 413 armor. Speaking to Argine from now on will erase any crimes you have committed. You’ll also receive the Temperance Twist of Fate card (see screen below for effects).

Western (Left) Wing

Taking this path means you want to frame the Hierophant. The framing works in almost the exact same way as it would if you choose Grim, so read the above information if you need help. Like Argine, Grim will give you the Shadowskin Armor set and offer to cleanse your criminal record whenever you like. The main difference (beside the moral one) is the Chariot Twist of Fate card:

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