Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning factions guide


This faction is perfect for mage-centric builds. Throughout the questline you’ll earn rings that improve your elemental damage, reduce your mana cost, and increase your mana pool.

Scholia Arcana has an embassy inside Ysa, on the south side. Enter and speak to Docent Augra Tenet. Accept her quest to kick things off. You can also begin this questline by going to Scholia Arcana’s Main Hall in Rathir, just in case you don’t have access to Ysa yet and don’t feel like progressing the main questline.

Trial by Fire

Go to the Delving Hall in Ysa, which you can now unlock. It’s here that you need to complete the trial of initiation. You’ll be transported through a series of dungeons. There are plenty of enemies, but nothing too severe. When you talk to the sorceress at the end of the trial, a successful persuasion will simply earn you a bit more information. After the trial you’ll be given your next quest.

The Ruin of Aodh

Head to Aodh in the middle of The Sidhe. This previously locked dungeon is filled with Sprites and mages. Always remember to use the element opposite of the Elemental Sprites you are facing for maximum effectiveness.

There will be a powerful mage named Nuala Ignis at the end of the dungeon, and she’ll call in Sprite reinforcements during battle. Be ready to block magic! Loot her corpse then return to Savant Engar in Ysa.

The Unquiet Bride

Meet up with your contact at the eastern edge of Tala-Rane. Be prepared for a small ambush (3 bandits) then get your next task from the contact. Now head to Mel Aglir to meet with Patrick Morkan. After speaking to him, head upstairs and loot the journal from the footlocker. Read the journal to proceed.

The next step is to head north to Tulan. After fighting Patrick Morkan, loot his body for the key that will allow you to proceed. After doing so, return to Mel Aglir, speak to Lerkara Fel, then go back to Savant Engar in Scholia Arcana.


Head to Emaire on the Forsaken Plain and speak to Anker Edmure. He’ll tell you to hunt the Paragon Barghest to the north. Kill the beast, loot its beating heart, and take it back to Edmure.

Time to head to Shardfall. It’s in the western part of the Cradle of Summer. Make your way through the dungeon until you run into Cadoc Reen. He’s a powerful mage who will call in Sprite reinforcements. Kill Reen and loot his corpse, then return to Engar.

Lightning in a Bottle

Skycrown is just southwest of Rathir, in Acatha. Enter but be wary of the Ettin Brutes and Ettin Shamans inside. If you haven’t fought these beasts before, the Shamans in particular are extremely powerful and don’t become stunned easily. Also be careful of the traps hidden in the glowing glyphs on the floor.

After reaching the peak, your next step will be finding where Engar’s body landed. It’s actually far to the south, in the southwest corner of Kandrian. Loot Engar’s corpse and return to Scholia Arcana.

A Crowded Mind

Go to the Archsage Quarters nearby for your next task. You’ll be zapped into the mind of the Archsage, where you have to free him from possession. In here, make sure to dispel the first chest on the right for a note and key that will unlock the next chest. The chests in this area have keys in the them that unlock other chests, so try not to leave any unopened if you want to read all the notes (they are the only loot in these chests). Before leaving, Caledus will give you a choice. If you choose Fearlessness, you get the following twist of fate card:

If you choose discipline, you’ll get the following:


Place the keys in the nearby statues. Doing so will summon Ciara Sudanus, who you will have to defeat. She is a powerful mage whose noteworthy abilities include summoning both mages and skeletons and laying traps on the battlefield. This can make the area very crowded, so either enter reckoning mode to do some massive damage, or stick to ranged attacks to avoid the traps.

Defeating Sudanus will complete the questline, and earn you the most powerful sage ring yet: