Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning factions guide


This faction is definitely one for mages, as the rewards - a staff and mage armor - only benefit magic users. The questline is available after you’ve reached Mel Senshir (across the water) by progressing the main questline. As you leave the city of Mel Senshir, you’ll run into Bisarane, who will give you your first quest. If he’s not there, look for the House of Sorrows in the southwestern part of The Midden.

The Sorrows Call

You’ll have to find the Proving Halls, which is only a small distance east of Mel Senshir. You’ll meet the voice of Bisarane inside, then have make your way through the hall while fighting monsters. Your first encounter will be with three poison-spewing Crudoks, so be ready.

You’ll be given chances at persuasion during your conversations here, but there is no tangible reward to being successful - only slightly more information.

Voices of the Dead

Meet with Bisarane in the House of Sorrows. Exit the house and talk to Taibreah. Simply follow her and ‘protect’ her until the quest is over, then head to the Sioran Crypt. Kill Cadoroc and return to the House of Sorrows.

When you get to the entrance, Taibreah will be waiting for you. She’ll give you your next quest, along with most of the Sorrow armor set (gloves, sandals, and cowl). The cowl offers 75 armor, +15% mana regen per sec, and +1 mana regen per sec. The sandals offer 37 armor, +10% mana regen per sec, and +10% health. The gloves offer 37 armor, -20% mana costs, and +10% mana regen per sec. The full set increases your elemental damage by 15%, grants +2 to your sorcery abilities, and +15% to elemental resistance. To do that, you’ll need the Robes of Sorrow, which are rewarded to you later in this questline.

A House Divided

Head for the Proving Halls. The large Bolgans inside are tough enemies, but their attacks are restricted to melee only, so as long as you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed you should be ok.

Your next destination is the Fallen Hall, which is under attack by the Tuatha. Defeat the enemies inside until you get to the locked door. You’ll have to release three locks in the area to proceed.

Myrcyr is the boss of this area. Fortunately he is stunned easily and only needs to be partially defeated. After the fight, return to Bisarane. Upon doing so, you will get the Robes of Sorrow. These offer 30% mana regen per sec and +1 health regen per sec.

The Eldest

Take the key that Bisarane gives you and head to Damalroc on the Caeled Coast. When you reach the great scale, activate the switch and stand on one of the glyphs. Wait for the monsters to come to you, then kill the, making sure they fall dead on the glyph. Doing so will allow you to proceed in one direction. Speak to the person you gain access to, then return to the scale and repeat for the other direction.

You’ll have the option of taking Alarane or Caelrod with you on the next quest. Alarane is a Faeblade user, while Caelrod is a mage.

The Weeping King

The next destination is Sinsear to the south. You’ll have to go around the dungeon collecting three votives to proceed.

When you get to the crying eyes, stand on the central platform and look up at the face statues above the switches. The order in which they cry matches the order in which you must pull the switches. Grab the key and continue to Bisarane.

Such Sweet Sorrow

It’s time to stop Bisarane from releasing the sorrows. Speak with Taibreah, the go around the area dispelling the four Nexuses.

Bisarane is a strong boss. He uses very powerful magic, though if you keep your distance you can dodge most of it easily enough. Like a lot of other bosses, he’ll summon minions during the battle.

After the dust settles, you’ll be awarded the following twist of fate card:

Don’t forget to walk forward and grab the Sorrow, a very strong staff: