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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Lorestone map guide

Want to find all 175 Lorestones in Kingdoms of Amalur without investing all your hard-earned XP into the nerdy “Detect Hidden” skill? Use our massive map guide and start hunting right now!

You can find details on the Lorestones in the status section of the pause menu. There are 5 Lorestones in each set, with the exception of the seasonal stones (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), which have 10 per set. The seasonal stones are spread all across the Faelands’ overworld and dungeons. As such, they will receive their own section of the guide, though they will be marked in other sections too so that you can find them during your search for other Lorestones.


Plains of Erathell





Seasonal Stones

Gallows End (The Legend of Dead Kel DLC)