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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning backpack vendors guide

Nothing kills a two-hour looting buzz like having to stop in the middle of a dungeon and meticulously manage your inventory. Thankfully, there are several vendors throughout the Faelands who will happily support your hoarding addiction with extra backpacks, and we know where to find them. We’ve tracked down every one of these elusive sellers so that you can focus less on all the useless crap you’re carrying and more on all the side quests you’ve accepted!

If you don’t have any points invested in the mercantile skill, your first backpack will cost 7,500 gold, and each successive one will cost slightly more than the last. Each backpack increases your maximum inventory size by 10.

 Backpack #1

You can find this bag in Gohart, the game’s first town. Enter The Corner Shop and speak to Rikka Egest behind the counter.

 Backpack #2

Ysa isn’t immediately accessible. You can enter only after accepting the “Old Friends New Foes” main quest. Thankfully, that quest occurs fairly early on in the game. Once inside Ysa, go to Askers Alley and speak to Riona Helt, who stands in the center of the room.

 Backpack #3

Adessa is at the southernmost point of Detyre, in Apotyre. Find Domus Politica on the west side of the city’s first plaza, and find Senecer Macit inside. If he’s not wandering the main area of Domus Politica, he’ll be sleeping in his bed upstairs. Just look for the shop symbol on your map.

 Backpack #4

Rathir is the massive city in the northeastern part of the Plains of Erathell. Enter and head for the Upper City. Once there, find Scholia Arcana and enter its Main Hall. Wil Donall can be found there, and he’s selling a backpack.

 Backpack #5

Mel Senshir is the first city you’ll come across in Klurikon. However, you can’t actually cross the water to reach it until you progress far enough in the main questline. Once there, look for Illyn Doldran. He’s near the center of the area, and it’s hard to miss him.

Backpack #6 (Teeth of Naros DLC)

The Teeth of Naros DLC features an additional backpack for purchase. Once you have access to the city of Idylla, go to the Idylla market and speak to Ampelio. She sells a backpack for between 5000-6000 gold.