Katee Sackhoff shoots down the most divisive Mandalorian ship

The Mandalorian
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Bad news for Bo-Katan Kryze and Din Djarin shippers: Katee Sackhoff has once again stated that there isn't any potential romance on the horizon.

When asked by The Direct if there has ever been any conversation about Bo-Katan and Mando getting together, Sackhoff replied, "No, I think that there's probably just as much speculation in the shipping of The Armorer and Bo-Katan. I think that anytime you put a woman and a man on screen together, it's bound to happen. I think that that's just one of those things, that speculation that people enjoy. But no, nothing more than just joking around between myself and Brendan Wayne at work, so no."

Some fans felt that a romance was heating up after Din's pledge to Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7: "What means more to me is honor and loyalty and character. These are the reasons I serve you, Lady Kryze. Your song is not yet written. I will serve you until it is."

The ship is overall divisive among Mandalorian fans, with some replying to Sackhoff's comments with scenes from the show that they felt hinted at Bo-Katan and Din's chemistry – and that Din's pledge was more than just about loyalty.

"For a joking around, they sure took it seriously," one fan wrote.

"So I think the jokes became very...real, right?" another commented alongside stills of Bo-Katan and Din together.

Other fans disagreed with the ship, with one writing, "Good! She should be hooking up with the Koska Reeves."

Sackhoff echoed the same sentiments on a panel at Phoenix Fan Fest, with Carl Weathers humorously disagreeing: "I saw lust there."

We're more than happy with Bo-Katan being Grogu's cool aunt and nothing more.

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