Jordan Peele's secret movie is called Nope

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone
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Jordan Peele's secret movie remains a secret no more! The Us director dropped the first poster on social media, revealing his upcoming project is in fact called… Nope. This will mark Peele's third movie as director, after his 2017 debut Get Out and his 2019 follow-up Us.

Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun all share top billing on the movie's teaser poster… which is creepy as hell. As promo art goes, it's mesmerising and enigmatic in its own way because, as is often the case with Peele's work, we know nothing about the story. Most of the specifics remain hush-hush but the imagery certainly suggests something unusual is afoot. 

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The poster shows a town snugged into a valley below an ominous sky darkened by a tapestry of clouds. One particularly jumbo nimbus (copyright me) takes the spotlight due to its unusual flying saucer shape along with a trail of flags. Has this cloud stolen the stream of brightly-coloured flags from a carnival? Is this the tale of a sentient weather system gone evil we've all been waiting for?

Wild conjecture is all we've got right now. Peele's previous horror outings both place ordinary people at the centre of strange, otherworldly scenarios. It'd make sense for Nope to adopt a similar framework of terror, by having its main cast face down… a villainous saucer?

Aside from this cracking poster, and its confirmation that The Walking Dead's Yeun is on board as previously rumoured, we've got a few new casting additions. Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira, The OA's Brandon Perea, and The Crow's Michael Wincott are boarding the movie in undisclosed roles.

Nope will be Peele's first directorial effort since he sat behind the lens on 2019's Us. He also produces the pic for his Monkeypaw Productions banner which is still working on a five-year deal with Universal, who plans to release the film next summer. 

Unlike many of this year's blockbusters with both day-of streaming and theatrical releases, Nope will only be available on the big screen July 22, 2022. Prior to its drop you can scare yourself silly with our picks of the best horror movies to stream on Netflix.

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