Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Mandrake

Ever since Spider-Man reignited the fondness for comic book adaptations, the studios have been constantly hunting for new sources.

But even though there are loads of new titles popping up every year, what of comic series that were published years ago? Even they are getting a bite of the cinematic apple.

Take Mandrake, the tale of an extreme escape artist and magician who is also a crafty international spy. Jonathan Rhys Myers, fresh from sleeping with every woman in Tudor times as Henry VIII, will don the cape and ‘stache to play the lead.

Scorpion King director Chuck Russell will handle the megaphoning for the new movie. "This is a rare opportunity to reinvent one of the all-time classic comic book characters and create a new kind of hero for international audiences," Russell told The Hollywood Reporter.

He plans to start lensing early next year.