Jason Lee joins A Couple Of Dicks

Kevin Smith has hired View Askewniverse regular Jason Lee for a small role in A Couple Of Dicks.

Talking to actor Kevin Pollack (who’s also in the movie) on his ‘net show, Smith mentioned that Lee is showing up for a couple of days of shooting.

And Variety is also reporting that Michelle Trachtenberg – last seen in 17 Again – has also joined the cast, playing Bruce Willis’ daughter. The trade mag has it that Lee will be her stepfather, so expect plenty of comic tension.

The plot, in case anyone has forgotten, finds Willis and 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan as a pair of detectives who tangle with gangsters, drug money, a kidnapped Mexican beauty and a stolen baseball card.

It’ll arrive early next year and we can’t wait to see what Smith will produce, given that this is the first time (on a feature film, at least) that he’s working from someone else’s script.

[Source: Variety / Kevin Pollack Chat Show ]

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