Is this the stupidest peripheral ever?

Above: When GamesRadar last experienced a hands-on with Dark Wind, we had to change clothes. Twice

The Gametrak Controller
Unfortunately for Madcatz, manufacturer of this gloves-on-string control device, the Wii instantly made Gametrak's clumsy-looking and unwieldy design obsolete - by offering motion-sensitive gaming without having to strap both your hands into a pair of neoprene gloves that quickly became little more than dripping sweat sponges. It didn't help that fighting game Dark Wind was an easy way to dislocate both shoulders. Or that Wii Golf is a million times better than the Gametrak version. Back to the beanbags, Madcatz.

They say: "The bigger you punch, the bigger you hit!"; "A revolutionary control system which captures your movements and puts YOU in the game!"; "Tracks your movements in full 3D with no time delay."

What they don't say: "More exhausting than running a marathon strapped to a transit van"; "Warning: Throwing full-blooded punches into thin air is likely to cause discomfort, pain and friendships with A&E staff"; "Coming soon - Nintendo Wii edition!"

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