Is this the stupidest peripheral ever?

Above: God bless investigative-minded website GameGirlAdvance for putting the Trance Vibrator through its, ah, paces

The Rez Trance Vibrator
United Game Artists, developer of Rez, is nuts about synesthesia - the melding of several senses. Which explains the creation of this "is it a... you know?" peripheral. Given that UGA probably didn't create its loopy, mind-bending scrolling shooter purely to give girls the tingle, we can only believe that the Rez Trance Vibrator was created in total innocence. Much like the ads for those unfortunately phallic "shoulder massagers" in the pages of the Innovations catalog.

They say: "The one and only vibrator available for your video game console"; "Vibrates in guidance to the music"; "Connects to your PS2 USB port."

What they don't say: "Videogames meet marital aids - it's the future!"; "Purchase second hand at own risk."

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