Is this the stupidest peripheral ever?

Above: But which GameBike do you choose? The GameBike regular or GameBike Pro? How much of a money-wasting cretin do you want to be?

The GameBike
You have to ask - were the geniuses who dreamt up this beauty actually smoking something highly intoxicating when they designed this exercise bike that, wait for it, is also a controller for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube? You can even stick four of them into a multitap for some lounge-packing cycle nonsense. If you can find a retailer stupid enough to stock more than one of the cruddy things.

They say: "Handlebars control the steering, pedal rpm controls the speed, you control the strategy"; "fully controls every movement on the screen with your own body movement."

What they don't say: "More money than sense? Do we have the product for you!"; "Another plastic bit of good-intention to buy, use once and then hide away, shamefully, in the loft with the step-machine and the barbells."

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