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iPhone Game of the Day - GT Racing: Motor Academy

Game: GT Racing: Motor Academy
Price: £2.99/$4.99
Size: 190MB
Buy it now from iTunes

GT Racing from Gameloft may have been out for a while, but updates since its release have made it a pretty essential purchase for the pocket racer. Looking like a high-res, ultra long draw-distance version of Gran Turismo on PSone, it's amazing how close this game is to a home console racer.

The controls can be a tad fiddly, but there are several options so you can find the best layout for you (auto acceleration, on-screen wheel and brake pedal worked best for us). With driving challenges, 6-player online racing, 107 cars from 25 real-world manufacturersand the ability to upload 3-minute replays to YouTube, there's loads here to keep you entertained.

Above: There are real-world tracks in the game, including Laguna Seca

Above:The sweet cockpit view, showing off the 3D track nicely

Above: It's one of the most ambitious games on iPhone, but it works

10 May, 2010

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