I didn't expect Dobby to be one of the most popular Prime Day Lego deals, honestly

Lego Dobby holds out an open book with a sock in it
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Whenever there's a sales event for GamesRadar+ to cover, a lot of the same items fly off shelves. That's true of Lego as much as anything else, and favourites like the Millennium Falcon always do well. But the kit that's apparently cleaning up right now wasn't what I expected. Not even slightly. According to Amazon, one of the most popular sets in today's Big Deal Days is… Dobby from Lego Harry Potter.

Yes, Dobby. The loyal House Elf has taken a significant cut in honor of the event, bringing an already-affordable kit down to its lowest ever price. More specifically, the Lego Harry Potter set is now 32% less than usual - it's £17.09 at Amazon instead of almost £25. Because the listing suggests that 10K+ people have purchased the Lego set in the past month alone, it's clearly going down well.

To be honest, I can understand why. Besides being a cute build with a price verging on impulse-purchase territory, it's the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans like me. It's not too expensive, is a neat keepsake that doesn't take up lots of room, and captures the vibe of the beloved character perfectly. 

You can check it out below.

Lego Dobby the House Elf | £24.99£17.99 at Amazon
Save £8 - Buy it if:
✅ You're a fan of the best House Elf there ever was
✅ You want a fun collectible for your desk or shelf

Don't buy it if:
❌ Price check:

Lego Dobby the House Elf | £24.99 £17.99 at Amazon
Save £8 - Even though it's not a huge saving at first blush, it becomes more eye-catching when you realise that this is the kit's lowest ever price. It seems unlikely to drop any lower during the upcoming Black Friday sale in
November because it only just came out a few months ago and has never been so cheap. Basically, you're good to go if you want an easy gift for the Potter fan in your life (or yourself, of course).

Buy it if:
✅ You're a fan of the best House Elf there ever was
✅ You want a fun collectible for your desk or shelf

Don't buy it if:
Those vacant, staring eyes creep you out
❌ It'll bring back all THOSE memories (sob)

Price check:
Very £17.99
💲 Lego £24.99

Is this amongst the best Lego sets ever made? I wouldn't say so. However, it's an incredibly accessible build that'll still satisfy you without demanding dozens of hours in build-time. Unlike Dobby plushies or statuettes (which can look like the House Elf is a wizened old meth addict if done badly) it's also very sweet thanks to a cartoon aesthetic that'll be a hit with both adults and children.

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