How to watch every Marvel movie right now (yes, all the MCU)


The home release of Avengers: Infinity War has just launched in the UK (having been out in the US a few weeks) which means that you can watch all of Marvel wherever you are in the world. That’s right: all 19 movies (discounting Ant-Man and the Wasp, which you need to wait a little while for) can now be watched on digital platforms wherever you are in the world. The UK, US, and Canada are all covered. If you fall outside those regions – or just want better value for money – then we’ve even got the best VPNs for you too. It’s technology Tony Stark would be proud of.

Below is a guide to watching every Marvel movie, right now. We've listed the prices for every region, so you can see where to get hold of it cheapest - or where to watch for free with a subscription, especially now Black Panther is free on Netflix US - and we've provided a quick guide to where you can buy bundles or dedicated channels. You could save money that way too. So tuck into every MCU movie right now, and if you're looking for more viewing guides, here's how to watch every Star Wars movie right now, and how to watch Game of Thrones right now.

UK Marvel Collection

The absolute simplest way to watch all of Marvel is 1) If you’re living in the UK and 2) You are a Sky customer or know a friend or family member kind enough to give you access to their Sky account.

That’s because Sky Cinema has a large array of Marvel movies. Everything from Iron Man to Thor: Ragnarok (which is going live on July 20, 2018) is available to watch on-demand from the service. There’s even a bespoke Superheroes Collection. If you don’t have a Sky box, feel free to check out the best Sky TV deals to find a package that works for you.

But what if you want to watch (and/or rent) movies separately? Let’s start all the way back in 2008 with the movie that kicked everything off, Iron Man.

How to watch Iron Man (US, Canada, UK)

Everything from Google Play, to FandangoNOW, to iTunes has Iron Man available to rent in the US for $2.99. To buy, however, the trio of Amazon, Google Play and YouTube are your best bets at $12.99.

Robert Downey Jr.’s comic book debut can be rented in Canada on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store for $3.49. iTunes, Google Play and YouTube also offer that option for $3.99. To buy, you’ve got the choice of iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube – all are $12.99.

Onwards to the UK, where renting from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or YouTube will set you back £2.49. It’s £9.99 to buy from the above stores, too.

How to watch The Incredible Hulk (US, Canada, UK)

The 2008 red-headed stepchild of the MCU is one well worth seeking out. The US stores of Amazon, Google and YouTube have the rental version for $2.99, though a 4K version is available from iTunes for $3.99. Fancy buying it? It’s $9.99 across the board: iTunes, YouTube, Google, you name it.

It’s nice and straightforward in Canada as well. YouTube and Google Play have it to rent for $3.99, and you can buy it from there for $9.99 should you want to own a permanent copy.

The UK has the Jade Giant’s MCU debut available with all Amazon Prime accounts, but it can also be rented from Google Play and YouTube for £2.49. Stick with those three for your buying needs too: it’s only £5.99 for the HD version of the flick.

How to watch Iron Man 2 (US, Canada, UK)

My favourite piece of MCU trivia is that The Leftovers’ Justin Theroux penned this sequel. But you don’t need a miracle sent from above to watch it, thankfully. Rent it in the US for $2.99 from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Google Play and YouTube have the option to buy for $12.99 but, should you want the HD version, stick with Amazon for a few dollars more at $14.99.

On to Canada now. Both the PlayStation and Microsoft Store carry the best rental deals ($3.49) but, of course, the likely lads of YouTube, Google Play and iTunes have the best deals to buy: $12.99 for the HD version.

But try not to get Whiplash (heh) from these UK deals. £2.49 to rent on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and more. Then it’s £9.99 to buy.

How to watch Thor (US, Canada, UK)

As with most of the Marvel movies in the US, it’s $2.99 to rent from Google Play, iTunes and YouTube. The best HD deal to buy can be found at Amazon for $14.99; it’s just $12.99 for standard-def at both Google Play and YouTube. The choice is yours.

Canada, though, can enjoy the God of Thunder's debut with their Netflix subscription. If you do want to rent it, however, then the official PlayStation and Xbox Stores sell it for $3.49. In fact, as a rule, those two storefronts are the go-to rental destinations for Canadian Marvel fans. If you want to buy then look no further than Google Play’s HD version for $12.99.

Only Amazon and iTunes (£2.49) offer the option to rent at that low price point in the UK. It’s £9.99 on Google Play, YouTube etc etc to buy – but £13.99 on the Sky Store, who retains UK-exclusive rights for the HD edition.

How to watch Captain America: The First Avenger (US, Canada, UK)

(Image: © Marvel)

America up first (it just makes sense, really). $2.99 on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube to rent. $12.99 to buy from those places too, though you want to consider shelling out a handful more quarters for the HD edition on iTunes for $14.99.

Hilariously, Canada has Captain America available on Netflix. You can also rent it from the PlayStation and Xbox Store, or buy it from iTunes for $12.99.

The First Avenger is the only Cap movie *not* available on Netflix in the UK. To fill that Steve Rogers-sized hole in your life, you can rent from Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, or buy from them for £9.99.

How to watch Marvel's Avengers (US, Canada, UK)

This is it. The end of Phase One. Those in the US can rent from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes, as well as buy from each of those places, though Amazon’s HD deal at $14.99 represents the best value for money.

Again, go to the PlayStation and Xbox stores in Canada for the best rental deals. Don’t bother heading to anywhere else but Google Play or YouTube for your buying needs. £12.99 for the HD version is the best deal around, anywhere.

NowTV and Sky customers get The Avengers with their subscription packages in the UK but, if you don’t have access to that, get renting from the PlayStation and Microsoft stores, or buy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

How to watch Iron Man 3 (US, Canada, UK)

(Image: © Marvel)

Phase Two kicked off with the third Iron Man movie. To watch it in the US, you should head to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes to rent or buy.

Meanwhile, in Canada you should be renting from the PlayStation or Microsoft Stores. If you want to buy Iron Man 3 to keep, Google Play offers the best value for money at $12.99 though, of course, it’s available elsewhere.

As for the UK? NowTV and Sky customers get the movie with their package(s), while the PlayStation Store has it to rent at only £2.49. It’s £9.99 to buy from the likes of Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube, depending on what format you prefer.

How to watch Thor: The Dark World (US, Canada, UK)

Rent from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes in the US, or buy it any of those places for between $12.99-$14.99.

Sorry to sound like a broken record Canadians but to rent then, you guessed it, go to the Microsoft or Sony stores. For those without a console, rent from iTunes for $3.99. You can also buy the HD version of Thor 2 from there for $12.99.

Like much of the MCU movies from Phase Two onwards, the UK has the movie at its fingertips on both NowTV and Sky. It’s only available to rent from the PlayStation Store, however. It’s also £9.99 to keep permanently from YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, etc etc.

How to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier (US, Canada, UK)

It’s one of the best MCU movies – but where can you find it? The US actually has it on-demand on FX Now, while it can be rented from Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. However, YouTube has the best offer-to-buy at $12.99.

Netflix is the go-to destination again for Canada. It can also be rented from the likes of iTunes and the PlayStation Store. Buying it, however, is not really recommended as it’s a whopping $19.99. Though, should you want to, you can buy it from iTunes.

The UK also carries The Winter Soldier on Netflix. There’s no rental options around so, other than that, you’re going to want to buy from Amazon for £9.99.

How to watch Guardians of the Galaxy (US, Canada, UK)

While the sequel is on Netflix in the US, you’ve got no such luck for the toe-tapping original. Rent or buy from Google, YouTube or Amazon.

It’s on Netflix in Canada, though. Plus, renting is available from the Microsoft and PlayStation Stores. Buy it via iTunes for the HD version.

Netflix again? Yup, subscribers to the service in the UK get to watch Chris Pratt and co. anytime, anywhere. You can also buy the movie from Amazon, iTunes and Google.

How to Avengers: Age of Ultron (US, Canada, UK)

(Image: © Marvel)

Make sure there’s no strings on you in the US as you scour around for the best deals. Rent it from Amazon, or buy it from Google for $12.99.

Stick with the PlayStation Store in Canada. The plentiful platforms listed above can also do the job, should you not own a PS4 but it carries both the cheapest rental option, as well as the only Canadian digital outlet that gives you the movie in HD for the best price.

Nice and simple for those in the UK: buy it for £9.99 from Amazon or Google Play.

How to watch Ant-Man (US, Canada, UK)

Want to watch Scott Lang for a small amount of time in the US? Rent from Amazon or Google Play for $2.99. In for the long haul? Buy the HD version from Amazon for $14.99.

It’s the marginal gains that’ll make the biggest difference. Take the Canadian options available to you. Renting from the PlayStation and Microsoft stores saves you 50 cents. You can also buy the movie outright from iTunes for $12.99.

If you feel like ending Phase Two in style in the UK then head on over to the Sky Store for Ant-Man in HD. Otherwise buy it for £3 cheaper from Amazon.

How to watch Captain America: Civil War (US, Canada, UK)

Rent this all-star extravaganza from Google or iTunes for $2.99 in the US, or buy from Amazon for $12.99.

Canada should (again) mosey on over to the PlayStation or Microsoft stores to rent, though iTunes still has it at $3.99. YouTube and Google Play have it to buy for $19.99.

Stream via Netflix in the UK, or buy from £9.99 on Amazon and Google Play.

How to watch Doctor Strange (US, Canada, UK)

Doctor Strange is one of the few Marvel movies available on Netflix in the US. But don’t discount renting it from YouTube for $2.99 or buying it from Amazon ($13.99).

No, you’re not stuck in a time loop, Canada but I’ll keep this short and sweet: stream on Netflix, rent from PlayStation or Microsoft’s stores or buy from iTunes.

NowTV and Sky are the best places to find Stephen Strange in the UK. If you want to buy the movie, you can do so from Google Play for £9.99, or any other digital platform of note.

How to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (US, Canada, UK)

Probably worth it for the opening alone, you can rent the second Guardians movie in the US from Amazon or buy it from YouTube. It’s also on Netflix for the time being.

Canada has things nice and straightforward again (those getting a little envious in the US may want to check the VPNs down below). Netflix on-demand from any compatible device. Failing that, you can rent from all good digital platforms, though it’s cheapest on Google Play. iTunes has the best current deal on purchasing it, though, at $19.99.

You can find the movie on Now TV or Sky in the UK, or buy it from Google, iTunes or Amazon for £9.99.

How to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming (US, Canada, UK)

The webhead’s MCU debut has plenty of options laid out should you want to watch it in the US. Amazon and STARZ has it available to stream, or you can buy it from YouTube for only $9.99.

Canada actually has a bad deal on this one. You can either watch it via The Movie Network, rent at a higher price point than normal via Google, or get the 4K version from iTunes for $12.99.

While renting this from the PlayStation Store is your only option in the UK, you can watch via Now TV and Sky at any time. Go somewhere different if you want to buy Homecoming, though. Rakuten has it for £5.99, which is a steal.

How to watch Thor: Ragnarok (US, Canada, UK)

Thor: Ragnarok brought the funny, and we’re bringing the deals: Netflix has it to stream in the US. You can also rent it for a meagre $2.99 from Amazon/buy it for $14.99.

Canada also has Thor’s third movie on Netflix. Don’t forget to head to the Microsoft Store should you want to rent, especially as the cheapest deal to buy Ragnarok is $19.99 from iTunes.

Thor: Ragnarok is available on Sky in the UK from July 20. If you just can’t wait, you can buy it from the Google Play store for £9.99.

How to watch Black Panther (US, Canada, UK)

This is it. The last current MCU movie available as of writing. Get on the T’Challa hype in the US. It's now FREE on Netflix in the US, or you can rent it from Amazon ($4.99) or buying it from iTunes ($14.99).

No Netflix for Canada (and, as you’ll see below, all Marvel movies on Netflix are going the way of the dodo). Instead, head to Cineplex to rent or YouTube to buy.

Rakuten has one of the cheapest deals around for Black Panther in the UK. It’s 5p cheaper than elsewhere at £3.45. If you want to buy it, it’ll set you back £9.99 on Amazon.

How to watch Avengers: Infinity War (US, Canada, UK)

Want some Thanos-related fun in the US? Amazon, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes all have it available for $19.99. You won’t cry this time, will you?

It’s slightly pricier in Canada. It’s $24.99 to buy the movie on iTunes, Google Play or YouTube, or $27.99 on Cineplex.

Avengers: Infinity War is now available in the UK. Amazon, YouTube, iTunes etc etc all carry it for £9.99 but, get this, you can even grab it from TalkTalkTV for cheaper at £9.95.

How to watch all the Marvel movies from 2019

Starting from late 2019, Disney are launching a streaming service that will house several of their franchises, including every single MCU movie. That means that, while you’re still likely to watch your favourite Avengers on platforms such as Google Play and Amazon, there’s every chance that the movies that are currently appearing on Netflix will simply transfer to this new service. If nothing else, it’ll make watching all of Marvel a damn sure lot more straightforward.

How to watch all of Marvel via VPNs

As you may have noticed from the extensive list above, different regions carry different perks and benefits when it comes to finding Marvel movies. Some are on Netflix in one region, while might be cheaper to rent in another. For that, you’ll need a VPN. Some of the best on the market are available below, but the logic behind it is simple: boot up your VPN, select which country you want to browse from the software will trick any websites – such as Netflix – into thinking you’re currently in that location. Perfect for those looking to jump into Canada’s superb MCU library on Netflix.

Best VPN to watch all of Marvel

As most of the good stuff is available on Netflix, you should absolutely check out the best VPNs for Netflix before committing to a decision here. However, the three below are the pick of the bunch when it comes to the greatest VPNs out there, no matter your budget.

Express VPN

With over 2000 servers from nearly 150 locations, Express VPN pretty much has everything you’d want from a VPN. While there’s no free trial, there is a 30-day no-hassle refund period, should you get cold feet.

Nord VPN

Boasting round-the-clock support and allowing six devices to stream simultaneously, it’s not hard to see why Nord VPN is getting more and more popular. Those looking for a long-term VPN should look no further, thanks to its unparalleled three-year-plan.

Vypr VPN

Want to see what all the VPN fuss is about? Vypr VPN not only stacks up to the best of them in terms of features, it also comes with a three-day trial. It’s great at maintaining high speeds too, which is perfect for those looking to stream in 4K.

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