I Am Groot: How to watch the Disney Plus shorts in order

I Am Groot
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I Am Groot is finally available on Disney Plus. However, perhaps to some surprise, the shorts have not been nicely organised into an easily-accessible watch order, and instead appear as five disparate projects on the streamer. If, like us, you're a stickler for watching things in very certain orders, then this may be an issue.

Well, you're in the right place, fellow pedants! Because we have the proper I Am Groot watch order, so you can watch these shorts the way they were intended. There are currently five available on the streaming service to enjoy, and they're all a lot of fun (and bound to be played over and over again by children).

I Am Groot watch order

I Am Groot is compromised of five short films that each tell small stories about everyone's favorite Guardian of the Galaxy (sorry, Rocket). Here's how to watch I Am Groot in order on Disney Plus.

  • Groot's First Steps 
  • The Little Guy 
  • Groot's Pursuit 
  • Groot Takes a Bath 
  • Magnum Opus

While Disney Plus has them all listed as lasting six minute each, three minutes of that is just end credits as the animators, producers, and voice actors (namely Vin Diesel back as Groot) are listed. Each one is brilliantly fun and worth a watch just for a little laugh as this adventurer gets up to trouble.

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