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How cheap will you be able buy a PS4 Pro console in December, on Cyber Monday?

How cheap will PS4 Pro get on Cyber Monday?

The PS4 Cyber Monday deals won't start until December, but you probably want to know how cheap a PS4 Pro will get. After all, you don't want to buy a console only to see it for a lower price in a couple of days. And you do need a new PS4 Pro, because your older launch console is starting to sound like a train every time you switch it on, and you can tell it's struggling to run games like Control, Borderlands 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Upgrading to a Pro is probably the best thing you can do, but it's usually so expensive. Well, over Cyber Monday, the price of the machine will be cut. But by how much?

Sony's main rival, Microsoft, cut the price of Xbox One X to $399 during Black Friday 2018 and Amazon Prime Day 2019, which allowed it to undercut the price of PS4 Pro. Last year's PS4 Pro prices were relatively high, as Sony had only just released a bundle with the hot, hot, hot Red Dead Redemption 2, so the Pro kinda sold itself. Sony's console is currently $369 at its cheapest, but you can expect some retailers to knock $70 off that price and give it to us for about $300 during November, as Sony will be keen to shift stock ahead of PS5's arrival in 2020. Maybe even with a game if you're lucky. In the UK, that'll probably reduce to £270 or even £250 if someone goes particularly low. But how do we know that? And what are the current deals available?  Here are thee current prices of the Pro on its own, in your local currency...

Back in 2017, the best US deal for PS4 Pro came via Amazon, which offered a PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 for a delightful $350. That's $50 less than the current MSRP, with a game that was only a couple of months old at the time. Sure, Activision was desperate to shift copies of Destiny 2, but that was a pretty good deal. This year's Black Friday period will be even more competitive for several reasons, so that's why we're expecting it to be more competitive than 2018, and drop below that magic $300 barrier.

Why else? Well, it's all down to the competition and the lifecycle of the current consoles. Sony will be looking to shift as many people onto PS4 Pro and 4K gaming during Black Friday as possible, as the PS5 will be an expensive product and many simply won't be able to afford a launch console. It's that middle-ground of gamers that the Pro will cater for - the ones who won't adopt next-gen straight away, but who do want a premium gaming experience. Unless Sony can undercut Microsoft, they'll lose a value portion of players, so they should make the Pro competitive in November. 

Crucially, Microsoft will be discounting the Xbox One X during Black Friday - it has been available for about two years now, it's still comparatively expensive, and Microsoft wants a slice of your 4K money. Sony will react to Microsoft and aggressively price the PS4 Pro, and retailers will be keen to bundle the console with any of the best games of 2019 (along with a selection of Greatest Hits like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn).

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In the UK it's tough to find a decent PS4 Pro deal right now. There are some consoles dipping below the £330 mark, but generally it's holding value well. You can pre-order a bundle with Call of Duty Modern Warfare but, if Sony is looking to rely on that as it did with the Red Dead 2 bundle in 2018, that could be a real mistake. While COD is popular, it's no longer a game that will sell consoles and with Microsoft increasingly offering better deals on Xbox One X, and Nintendo still selling Switches like crazy, simply putting out a fresh, full-priced bundle won't help Sony 'win' Black Friday.

If you're thinking of upgrading to a PS4 Pro during November, we'd sound a note of caution. Whereas last year new Pro owners would expect to get three to four years of use from the 4K console, that has now probably dropped to two years of use. Fine if Sony manages to drop the price to $299 or below with a game, but it can't demand full-price - again - for a console with a diminished lifespan. The arrival of PS5 will draw attention away from the PS4 era of consoles, and the games will follow the 'hot new thing', leaving older machines behind. PS4 will thrive for about 18 months after the arrival of next-gen, but after that... not so much. Is that two years of use worth $399? Especially if you already own a vanilla PS4? For us, no.

So, buy Pro at $299 / £270 or below, or stick with the PS4 you have and upgrade to PS5 next year. Unless you're desperate to go 4K right now, and you have money to spare.

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