Hogwarts Legacy is rumored to have been delayed again, this time to 2023

Hogwarts Legacy
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Almost a year to the day of its 2021 delay, rumor has it Hogwart Legacy has once again been delayed another year. 

Hogwarts Legacy was expected to release sometime in 2022, but Sacred Symbol's podcast host Colin Moriarty announced on his show that he suspected the game was "in some sort of trouble" and reported "hearing behind the scenes that [the] game isn't coming out this year" (thanks, Comic Book).

Moriarty didn't expand on where he'd heard the rumors or exemplify what kind of "trouble" the game may be in, but the news will surely be a blow to fans who'd been hoping to play the RPG later this year, especially as the team behind Hogwarts Legacy only recently said it had plans to share more information about the game after (another) allegedly leak prematurely shared details about the highly-anticipated Harry Potter-themed game.

Rumor also has it that the next major PlayStation event could take place next month, with renown leaker Tom Henderson hinting that it will "probably be State of Play," and "has the potential to be a pretty big one" featuring a glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy, possibly alongside God of War Ragnarok and/or Final Fantasy 16.

We haven’t heard much about the upcoming Harry Potter RPG since it was revealed back in 2020, but Hogwarts Legacy – an RPG set in the 1800s, and way before the events of the books and the films – is expected to come to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S

An offhand comment from WB's consumer products general manager, however, indicated Hogwarts Legacy would arrive after Fantastic Beasts 3, which is due to debut on April 15, 2022 – although exactly how long after remains to be seen. Crossed your fingers Warner Bros. Games sheds some light on the rumor soon rather than later, eh?

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