Here are your first Nintendo Switch accessories: a starter kit and foldable headphones

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The Nintendo Switch is just over a week away from a full reveal on January 13, so I'm actually surprised we haven't got more accessories already. However, to get the ball rolling we've got a starter pack and some foldable headphones from Snakebyte. 

The headphones are foldable to make them more of a travelling companion for the Switch when it's out and about, and - checks press release - feature "powerful 40mm drivers for crisp, clear gaming audio."

The starter kit on the other hand features a carry bag, stereo earbuds, cleaning cloth, screen protector, thumb stick control caps and game cases.

A pretty basic line up then, but not without its uses. Expect to see plenty more extras arriving soon though, and likely some official Nintendo stuff from that Jan 13 unveiling. 

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