Here are the best PS4 games and PS2 Classics in the UK PlayStation Store Sale


The PlayStation Store is having an ongoing digital sale which is currently discounting a load of PS4 games and PS2 classics. There's a far pile to wade through so let's thin it out and focus on the things you should be going for with potted highlights of our reviews to help you choose. And links for buying, obviously.

The best PS4 discounts

Unravel £14.99 now £6.49

"Unravel’s appeal goes far beyond pretty levels. Beautiful, poignant and with an iron grip on your heart, Yarny manages to effortlessly deliver a wonderful platformer and a bittersweet message".

Nidhogg was £11.49 now £9.49

"Gloriously and addictively simple, this side-scrolling fence-em-up has one goal. Just like the chicken, you merely have to get to the other side. Past your friend. The one with the sword".

Shadow Complex Remastered was £11.99 now £7.39

"As fresh as the XBLA-exclusive title Shadow Complex looks and feels on the surface, it’s really a cleverly disguised homage to the SNES heydays of a certain armour-clad bounty huntress. We most heartily approve".

Outlast was £15.49 now £7.39

"Even if you don’t think you’re easily scared, try playing Outlast alone in the dark with headphones on. This intense rollercoaster ride will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you jump out of it a few times too".

Layers of Fear was £15.99 now £9.49

"One of the best horror games ever made, this will scare you in incredibly clever ways and make you question everything you see".

Rogue Legacy was £9.99 now £5.79

"Rogue Legacy mixes up genres and, through some inspired design choices, brings out the best in both. A deep and challenging game designed for small sessions and maximum satisfaction".

Terraria was £12.99 now £7.99

"Simple wandering can give way to full on spelunking expeditions. Or perhaps city-building. Or item-crafting. Or farming. It’s a vast, open game with so much to see and do it may catch the unaware player by surprise. It's not quite a 2D platforming Skyrim, though calling it closer to Minecraft for the Castlevania crowd isn’t exactly far off".

Towerfall Ascension was £11.49 now £5.79

"TowerFall Ascension is one of those games that rewards you for sharing it with your friends. But instead of group hugs and chummy laughter, everyone will experience moments of intense panic, satisfying victory, and shots to the head that can be as competitive or as lighthearted as you want".

The best PS2 classics

As well as that little lot of modern games, there's also a few great PS2 classics to pick up, which hopefully don't need any introduction: 

Forbidden Siren was £7.99 now £4.99
Max Payne was £11.99
now £7.49
Bully was £11.99
was £7.99
Manhunt was £11.99
now £7.99
GTA: The Trilogy was £28.99
now £15.99
GTA 3 was £11.99
now £7.99
GTA San Andreas was £11.99
now £7.99
GTA Vice City was £11.99
now £7.99

I'm pretty sure something there must take your fancy. Let me know what you go for. 

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