Helldivers 2's new Stun Grenades look like just the Bile Titan countermeasure we need to obliterate the Terminid threat

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Helldivers 2's brand new Warbond has only just been released, but the Stun Grenade is already a big hit with players.

The newly released Cutting Edge Warbond - essentially a battle pass - features a new utility called the Stun Grenade, and it's already an early hit with players because it allows them to stun even the game's biggest enemies: the feared Bile Titans.

Cutting Edge Warbond out now! from r/Helldivers

"Stun grenade is a huge grab for high difficulties, stunning titans for five seconds is kinda nutty, 500kg indirect buff!" the top comment underneath the subreddit post reads. "Wait, it can stun Titans?" asks one player in disbelief, to which the original commenter claims that not only can it stun Bile Titans, but it can actually stun multiple of the big bad bugs at once.

Bile Titans are notoriously tricky buggers to deal with, especially on the harder difficulties in Helldivers 2. A few well-placed Recoilless rockets can deal with them pretty swiftly if you manage to hit them directly head-on, as can the Orbital Laser Stratagem, and now the Stun Grenade should help players bringing either bit of kit to the fight.

The subreddit post makes a pretty good point about the 500KG bomb. Hitting a moving target like the Bile Titans with the powerful bomb is a hard feat to pull off, but if you can get a Bile Titan or Charger stuck in its tracks with the Stun Grenade, you should have no trouble plopping down a Stratagem marker right atop them.

Stun grenade does indeed stun Bile Titans. from r/Helldivers

Elsewhere, the post below points out that the Flamethrower Stratagem is a really good combination with the new Stun Grenade. Sometimes enemies that have been set on fire can still come careening towards you and inflict fiery damage, but being able to stop Terminids in their tracks and then spray fire onto them eliminates that risk.

Stun grenades with a supply pack and flamethrower from r/Helldivers

Not everyone's won over by the stun ability, though. "Would still rather impact grenades to kill spitters and close bug holes though, unfortunately. Maybe one person running them is a good idea, but I feel the majority of people will continue to benefit more from grenades," writes one player who's thinking tactically.

That's actually a very good point - you'll want to have one, or perhaps two, Helldivers using Stun Grenades in your squad, so you can still have a few teammates using damage-based grenades to close Bug Holes quickly and effectively. Variety is always a good tactic in Helldivers 2, and the Stun Grenade should be no exception to that rule.

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