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Helldivers 2 roadmap updates, future content and DLC continues to emerge, with new enemies, weapons and Stratagems being added to the game on a weekly basis. Developer Arrowhead have been keeping a superb pace with various additions to the game, but it's worth keeping in mind that a lot of updates they make aren't necessarily announced in advance, with certain new features like the Helldivers 2 Shriekers simply being released out of nowhere with no official reveal in advance. This means that while updates and new content is pretty constant, actually knowing what's coming is a lot rarer, as there's nothing Arrowhead appear to love more than a big surprise.

With that in mind, I've gathered all the most important and relevant information about future content updates for Helldivers 2 here, splitting it up it into leaks and datamines versus proper information confirmed by official sources.

Confirmed Helldivers 2 roadmap and future content updates

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Below we've listed all the future content coming to Helldivers 2 that has been confirmed by the developers or announced in an official capacity.

  • Regular new Warbond battle passes. The Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond will be the latest of the regular battle passes, as the official Helldivers 2 Discord FAQ has stated that a new Warbond will be added to the game on the second Thursday of every month. That effectively means a new battle pass every month for the foreseeable future, but don't worry - there's no time limit on them, so players will have forever to buy and complete them!

If people want an official Helldivers 2 roadmap, a timeline of updates to come, then you're out of luck: there isn't one. Or, to be more accurate, there isn't one anymore. The last known comment on such was a Tweet by Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt, who said that a roadmap had existed at one point, but was "very out of date in comparison to what we now want to do" - and a new one was being worked on. Whether that new one will be publicly released or just kept in-house as a framing for future content is still something we're waiting to find out.

It's also worth saying that Helldivers 2 doesn't always officially announce new content in advance, sometimes only making obscure teases or allowing information to spill into the public sphere to wind up hype on a more informal level. Point us, don't expect a trailer for every update, or even a Twitter post - Arrowhead seem to be playing things more unconventionally than that.

Leaked / Datamined future content updates

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Below we've listed plausible - but not officially confirmed - future content for Helldivers 2, hinted at either by unofficial leaks or by datamined elements within the game's files. However, it's worth putting these into perspective - just because a game file or leak suggests a new mechanic or feature doesn't necessarily guarantee that it's coming.

Sorry to disappoint, but it's entirely possible that the feature was in development at some point in the past, but later cancelled, leaving unfinished junk files still within the game. So while it's definitely worth keeping that in mind, the existence of datamined files and leaks does elevate the following possible updates to something more than mere rumour or wishful thinking.

  • Drivable vehicles (thanks to Twitter user @TheRealJTV4K60) that can be operated by multiple players, somewhat similar to the Warthog in Halo.
  • Support NPCs (thanks to Reddit user u/TwasAllABadDream) that can be called in during a game to aid the players in combat - effectively summoning a platoon of Helldivers,  but AI-controlled, rather than player-controlled.
  • A new faction, the Illuminate (thanks to Reddit user u/stodal). The Illuminate were psychic aliens that were one of the enemy factions in the first Helldivers. They're mentioned in-game by NPCs, but not something you can fight at time of writing. However, there's some indication in the game's files that they'll be brought back to join the other Helldivers 2 factions. Blue lights regularly occurring in different players games are being read as many as a teaser for the suspected Helldivers 2 Illuminate update to come.

Beyond these elements, new content to come has only been spoken about in broad, vague terminology that makes it hard to specify exactly what players should expect, like simply referring in general terms to new enemies and weapons - though what forms those things take remain to be seen.

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