Helldivers 2 player discovers a helmet that quietly grants bonuses for movement speed and stamina

Helldivers 2 weapons
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One Helldivers 2 player thinks they've found a helmet which quietly grants bonuses to movement speed and stamina.

That player would be streamer 'DatModz,' whose tweet you can see just below highlighting their discovery. As demonstrated by the streamer, the Trailblazer Scout helmet grants bonuses to movement speed and stamina for your character whenever equipped, which is a tidy little boost.

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The helmet in question raises the streamer's movement speed by seven overall points, and increases the stamina amount from 116 to 119. This admittedly doesn't sound like a huge change at first glance, but remember that Helldivers 2 is a game that deals in incredibly fine margins between life and death. The movement speed change could be the difference in letting you outrun a Terminid or getting clawed to pieces, for example.

The Trailblazer Scout is earned from the seventh page of Helldivers 2's Battle Pass, so it'll take you a fair while of conquering the galaxy and a few medals spent to actually unlock the thing. Apparently, the helmet is meant to impact your overall Helldivers 2 armor rating slightly negatively, but this isn't showing up, which DatModz reckons could be due to a bug.

Meanwhile, some Helldivers 2 players are going AFK for hours and even days at a time, in an attempt to preserve their spot in the game's struggling servers. This has lead to players petitioning the game's developers to kick inactive players after a certain time has elapsed, and thankfully, the game's director is actually in agreement with them.

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