Fix for not getting medals and rewards after mission in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 missions not getting you medals and rewards after they're done? It's a common issue at the moment, where completing a mission is supposed to grant you all the standard rewards, XP and medals for the battle pass, but they just… don't, with the various currencies, samples, requisition slips and super credits not getting registered with your character. Fortunately, there's a fairly simple fix to not getting rewards in Helldivers 2 - wait, and potentially reload the game.

How to fix not getting rewards in Helldivers 2

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Not getting Helldivers 2 rewards and medals after missions is a consequence of server issues - for which players can't really do much about except wait. This is something I've gone through myself, and reloading the game was sometimes effective, but not guaranteed to work. Ultimately, the issues I was having in the morning were corrected by the time the evening rolled around.

Fortunately, all the rewards you don't get will come back to you eventually when server issues correct themselves - so if you played Helldivers 2 for ages and are owed twenty medals, fifty samples, ten thousand requisition slips and three levels worth of XP, that will eventually get added to your account when the servers correct themselves, all coming back to you in one go - and probably prompting a major spending spree with this huge backlog of pay. 

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