How to get kills with the Anti-Personnel Minefield in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Minefield
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Using the Helldivers 2 Anti-Personnel Minefield can help with area denial and protecting objectives, blowing up any foe that walks across them. However, placing the Minefield Stratagem for maximum effect isn't always that easy, and if you've got a Personal Order tasking you with killing enemies with the mines in Helldivers 2, then you'll want some tips for how to use it. Luckily, I've laid out some advice below so you can kill enemies with the Anti-Personnel Minefield in Helldivers 2 quickly.

Getting Kills with the Helldivers 2 Minefield

Helldivers 2 Minefield

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The Helldivers 2 Minefield Stratagem is generally a lot more effective against Terminids, though the force of explosions should still take down Automatons of middling armor or less. Ultimately while the Anti-Personnel Minefield isn't bad, per se, it's far more suited for early-game enemies and struggles in the late-game - it's not going to do very much to Tanks and Bile Titans.

However, if you need to rack up some kills with it, here's our best advice for doing so quickly.

  • Start a Terminid Eradication mission of Medium difficulty. This strikes a good balance of having a lot of enemies, but none of them being too durable to survive the mines.
  • Equip the Jump Pack - it comes in useful for boosting over your own deployed Minefields.
  • Place the Minefield in open spaces. The worst thing you can do is put it close to a building, where the mines pointlessly bunch together, or even stick to walls where enemies are unlikely to touch them. 
  • Use the Jump Pack and your wits to lure enemies into the Minefield. Basically, Terminids will follow you no matter what, their AI not bothered by the large, glowing red explosives. Run towards the deployed field, boost over it, and watch the fireworks behind you.

Using this method, you can probably kill about 50-60 enemies in a single mission without too much trouble, though you'll have to deploy the Minefield more than once. 

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