Hasbro CEO hints at Bumblebee Transformers spin-off

Yesterday we brought you news that a Transformers prequel entitled Transformers One could soon be on the way, and today there is another hint at the future direction of the expanded franchise, with Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner proposing a potential Bumblebee spin-off.

"As we go forward, we would imagine several more Transformers movies,” said Goldner during an address at the Global Consumer Conference. “Not just in the current lineage but also spinoffs and focusing on certain key characters that are beloved by the world over."

"Many of you know Bumblebee; the yellow Camaro… formerly known as a yellow VW Bug. He is a beloved character by kids all over the world. We could see stories told around Bumblebee and other characters. We are in a process of building the brand equity around the comic book business, our TV business, our digital gaming business and adding to that our new movie business of Transformers."

With the rumours beginning to come thick and fast, we'd expect some formal announcements about the Transformers expanded universe sooner rather than later. With the franchise currently having banked more than $3.7 billion worldwide, don't expect the Autobots to leave our screens any time soon…

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George Wales

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