The Jsaux ModCase is one of my favorite Steam Deck accessories, but there’s a 4th of July deal on the Asus ROG Ally version that slaps

Jsaux ModCase for Asus ROG Ally with 20,000mAh power bank attached next to GamesRadar+ 4th of July badge and teal backdrop
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As you’d expect, I’ve been browsing 4th of July handheld deals and found a pretty nifty Jsuax ModCase offer. The discount takes the form of a power bank bundle that just so happens to include the Asus ROG Ally version, but you’re getting the whole lot for $5 less than buying the 20,000mAh bank on its own. Simply put, you’ll be able to spend less on a modular case that can wear an external battery like a jetpack, which in turn will help protect your pricey handheld and increase your playtime tenfold. 

Over at Amazon, the Jsaux ModCase for ROG Ally with 20000mAh Power Bank bundle is down to $54.99 (was $79.99). The modular shell costs $29.99 at full price while the battery pack will set you back $59.99, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say you’re practically getting the case for free. Looking back at price history, it looks like this is the first time the bundle has received a discount, with offers normally applying to individual items. 

If there’s one thing I love more than picking up the best Steam Deck accessories, it’s saving money on them. Therefore, I immediately started checking individual deals upon spotting this ModCase offer. At the moment, you can pick up the shell separately for $19.99 and use a $5 off coupon to bring the Jsaux Power Bank down to $54.99 at Amazon. Add those two together using an abacus and you’ll get $74.98, meaning you’re saving $19.99 in real terms. 

Jsaux ModCase for ROG Ally + 20000mAh Power Bank | $79.99$54.99 at AmazonSave $25 -

Jsaux ModCase for ROG Ally + 20000mAh Power Bank | $79.99 $54.99 at Amazon
Save $25 - This is the first time the bundle has dropped in price, but you’re saving $19.99 compared to buying both accessories separately, even with separate discounts applied. Both are also designed to be compatible with each other, so you’re effectively getting a whole modular system for a record-low price this 4th of July.

Buy it if:
✅ You need low-profile protection
✅ You want modular functionality
✅ You’d like to boost your ROG Ally playtime

Don't buy it if:
❌ You’d rather use a case over a shell
❌ You don’t need a batter bank
❌ You’ve already got a case

Price Check: Best Buy (out of stock) | Walmart (out of stock) 

Should you buy the Jsaux ModCase? 

Jsaux ModCase attached to Steam Deck with front cover off

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I test the best gaming handheld contenders for a living, and the job often means swapping out cases regularly. While I’ve dressed up the Steam Deck OLED in several different covers over the past few months, the Jsaux Modcase remains my favorite of the bunch, and I have no doubt it’ll bring the same level of functionality and protection to your Asus ROG Ally. Both portable PCs are slightly different beasts, but the design of Jsaux’s modular add-on will provide a shield in virtually the same way. 

The ModCase boasts two main qualities that help it compete with other shells on the market. The first is its large clip-on cover, which contours to the thumbsticks to minimize bulk while completely covering the front of the handheld. The second, and perhaps more interesting, is its modular system at the back that uses a watchstrap-style attachment to hold onto various accessories like the Power Bank included in the deal above.

Jsaux’s system can also support other add-ons like external hard drives and even smaller Steam Deck docks, adding a degree of versatility. Naturally, you’ll want to try and avoid attaching anything too heavy to your ROG Ally to avoid wrist strain, but you’re only limited by your imagination here. If you’re not a fan of cases but still want a similar modular setup, I’d suggest checking out the Deckmate, as it will clip onto your handheld and provide even more options for holding a bunch of gubbins. The starter kit comes in at $49 at Amazon, and while I’m a bit of a fan of the add-on, it perhaps contextualizes how good Jsaux’s bundle deal is.

Hoping to extend your handheld sessions without making your device look like an old-school astronaut? You might want to go check out Asus ROG Ally X pre-orders to pick up the newest version with a chonkier battery. If you’ve no interest in anything made after the ‘90s, this Game Boy Color AMOLED touchscreen mod may pique your interest instead, especially if you’ve still got Ninty’s old brick. 

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