Forget Prime Day, Nacon’s PS5 controller just got a new FPS mode and it’s cheaper than ever

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Nacon’s PS5 Pro controller is having a big week - it’s just received a firmware update that gives it a no-deadzone FPS mode, and a month before Prime Day, it’s seen its biggest-ever price cut. Its current price is so good right now that I’m not sure it’ll see a deeper discount in Uncle Jeff’s big summer sale.

Let’s get the most important details out of the way quickly. Normally sitting strong at an MSRP of $199.99, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro has just dropped to $174.99 at Amazon, making it even cheaper than the very best PS5 controller, the Victrix Pro BFG. 

For that money, you’re getting anti-stick drift technology, four back buttons, changeable stick tops, trigger stops, loads of profiles, and an expansive suite of settings to make it your own. Seeing this deal before Prime Day PS5 deals actually begin is surprising, but the addition of new features is always a good excuse to lower prices. 

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro$199.99$174.99 at AmazonSave $25Buy it if: 

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro | $199.99 $174.99 at Amazon
Save $25 - This $25 discount is the deepest price cut we’ve seen this gamepad take since launch. Its previous lowest-ever price was around $180 back in late April, but its average price of $201 tells you how infrequently this product strays from its listed price. For all the longevity that Hall Sensor thumbsticks will give you, this is some excellent value for money.

Buy it if: 

✅ You’re sick of stick drift
✅ You like changing controller profiles depending on the games you play
✅ You like a larger controller

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You want easy-to-use back buttons

Price Check: Best Buy
UK: £186 at Amazon 

As if this controller didn’t offer enough value versus the likes of the DualSense Edge, the recently added FPS mode is a genuine win for Nacon. Dubbed “Shooter Pro Mode”, it’s a new option that will appear in the latest version of the controller’s software hub. It completely removes the deadzones of both sticks, making it more responsive to the smallest of inputs. For aiming in first-person shooters, this new mode will have a massive impact on how the controller plays. 

When I tested the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro in my favorite shooters, I found its stick tension on a hardware level to be a little looser than I’d like, but making the deadzones smaller definitely helped it to feel like a weapon in the genre. 

Should you buy the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro before Prime Day? 

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But with Prime Day gaming deals so close (we just heard confirmation today that the sale will run on July 16 through 17), should you wait, or hedge your bets on this current discount? Well, as someone who reviews controllers and keeps a constant watch on their prices, I wouldn’t feel obligated to wait around. 

The Revolution 5 Pro holds a middle price point in the PS5 controller arena. It’s about the same as the DualSense Edge, but it’s more demanding than the Victrix Pro BFG. It’s certainly cheaper than the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, which has no business being as expensive as it is. It’s still tough to tell whether the DualSense Edge will see a price cut this Prime Day, but with the popular PDP option sitting so close to it, I’d personally be very surprised to see the R5P drop this low again in July. I’d be shocked if it dropped lower, in any case. 

So the real question is whether you want to wait to see how far the Victrix Pro BFG drops during Prime Day. That gamepad offers you a modular design and much better back buttons, but which controller suits you will really come down to preference from there on out. They both sport so many excellent Esports features, and there’s very little separating them. I personally prefer the BFG, and since it holds the cheaper price tag, it’s probable we’ll see it sink below $170 next month. 

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