Halo Infinite's Fracture: Tenrai event can't be completed in one week

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Halo Infinite's new Fracture: Tenrai event can't be completed in its first weekly rotation, developer 343 Industries has confirmed.

The free Fracture: Tenrai event is Halo Infinite's first multiplayer event, kicking off today, November 23, and running until Tuesday, November 30. It's themed around Samurais, and yes, it's the only way you can earn that sweet Yoroi armor set on display in your armor hall. However, the event's later challenges and items are time-gated, meaning you'll need to wait for the event to reappear later on in season 1 to fully complete it and earn every reward.

It wasn't clear if this was the case until Halo Infinite marketing lead Noah Benesch to signal boost the event. In doing so, he suggested you wouldn't be able to finish all 30 tiers in one go, but in a reply to a fan's query, he confirmed as much. "Correct, you will not be able to finish all 30 tiers of the Event Pass in week 1," Benesch said. "However, Fracture: Tenrai will return five more times throughout the season."

Benesch also clarified that players won't be able to buy tier skips in the Fracture: Tenrai event, assuaging fears that some might bypass the timegate by paying their way through all 30 tiers immediately. That said, Benesch says players can use challenge swaps for Event challenges.

Fracture: Tenrai is a free event for all players, unlike the premium battle pass, offering 30 tiers of rewards for challenges completed. After this first week, it'll return five more times from January to May of next year, offering different Samurai-themed challenges and rewards.

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