Where to find Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories to get multiplayer cosmetic items

Halo Infinite campaign mjolnir armory collectible box
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Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories are big lockers that act as collectibles for multiplayer and customizing your Spartan and gear. As you explore Zeta Halo, make sure you open any of these lockers to get the goods contained within and keep an eye out for more. You’ll find lots of other Halo Infinite collectibles as you play through the campaign, such as audio logs and Halo Infinite Spartan Cores for upgrading Master Chief’s equipment. Here’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armory Lockers and where to find them all.

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What are Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories Lockers?

Halo Infinite campaign mjolnir armory icon on map

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Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories are containers for collectible cosmetic items for customizing your multiplayer Spartan and equipment with. Each locker has only one item, but there are 34 of them, so you’re bound to find something you like. These lockers house different types of items too, including Armor and Weapon Coatings, Stances, and more. Everything you unlock can be found in the Armor Hall on Halo Infinite’s menu, although there are no unique armor pieces for your Spartan.

You can find these Armor Lockers all over Zeta Halo, but capturing Halo Infinite FOBs will reveal the locations of nearby lockers and mark them on your Tacmap for easy tracking. Hovering the map cursor over the Mjolnir Locker icon will also tell you exactly what item is inside, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you open it. We’ve also provided a handy map for you to follow down below so you can get to grabbing all the Halo Infinite lockers as soon as possible. Once you’re near a locker location, listen out for low beeping noise and look for a tall, metal box with green flashing lights.

Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories Locker locations

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Mjolnir Armories are scattered around Zeta Halo in the Halo Infinite campaign and here’s where you can find them all. Be aware that you won’t be able to get all of them right away as the Halo Infinite map is unlocked gradually as you progress through the campaign. You can revisit any of the main islands to pick up collectibles once you’ve unlocked or completed a particular mission, however.

  • Mjolnir Armory Lockers 1-15 – You can get some of these after you complete ‘Outpost Tremonius’ and emerge onto the first island of the Ring, but they’ll be easier to get when you have the ‘Excavation Site’ mission.
  • Mjolnir Armory Lockers 16-20 – Located on the second island to the south of the first island, so you need to the ‘Recovery’ mission to reach The Tower.
  • Mjolnir Armory Locker 21 – Access to the small, central, third island requires the ‘Pelican Down’ mission.
  • Mjolnir Armory Lockers 22-33 – Having ‘The Sequence’ mission allows you to easily reach the large fourth island at the bottom of the Halo Infinite map.
  • Mjolnir Armory Locker 34 – This locker can also be found on the southerly fourth island but appears to be bugged and does not appear on the Tacmap. You need to reach a nook lit up clearly by green lights hidden amongst some hexagonal pillars. You can easily get to the nook in a Banshee or Wasp, but the locker can be reached on foot using the Grappleshot and approaching from above.

All Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armories items

Halo Infinite wasp dogfight makovich coating mjolnir armory

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Use the corresponding numbers below with the Mjolnir Amories map to see what cosmetic item you get in each one:

  1. Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor Coating
  2. Crimson Vettel MKVII Armor Coating
  3. Warmaster’s Prize SPNKr Coating
  4. Banished Deception MKVII Armor Coating
  5. Banished Armor Emblem
  6. Banished Weapon Charm
  7. Banished Nameplate
  8. Dogfight Makovich MKVII Armor Coating
  9. Blood Shadow MKVII Armor Coating
  10. Wild Kovan MKVII Armor Coating
  11. Warmaster’s Prize Bulldog Coating
  12. Banished Weapon Emblem
  13. Infinity Nameplate
  14. Shadow Sorel MKVII Armor Coating
  15. Banished Deception Razorback Coating
  16. Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor Coating
  17. Windfall Armor Emblem
  18. Scorpion Horvath MKVII Armor Coating
  19. Olympic Stance
  20. Banished Deception Warthog Coating
  21. Warmaster’s Prize Battle Rifle Coating
  22. Infinity Armor Emblem
  23. Banished Deception Mongoose Coating
  24. Warmaster’s Prize Assault Rifle Coating
  25. Banished Deception Rockethog Coating
  26. Griffin Weapon Emblem
  27. Banished Deception Gungoose Coating
  28. Windfall Nameplate
  29. Banished Deception Scorpion Coating
  30. Griffin Armor Emblem
  31. Griffin Nameplate
  32. Dogtags Weapon Charm
  33. Warmaster’s Prize Commando Rifle Coating
  34. Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating
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