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Halo Infinite campaign
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The Halo Infinite map is pretty huge, a sizeable section of the Zeta Halo ring that incorporates all manner of enemies, objectives and secrets to uncover along the way. Now that it's an open world in Halo Infinite, understanding the map and how to navigate is more important than ever before in the franchise. We've laid out the full Halo Infinite map below, along with everything you need to know about it.

Full Halo Infinite Map

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This is the full Halo Infinite map as it looks at the end of the game. You start initially in the top left corner, with the story missions eventually leading down the left hand side, along the bottom to the right and eventually up and towards the right middle area. However, it's worth noting that nearly all the of the right hand corner is just for the final mission and isn't an area you can visit or explore freely outside of that. 

The area you can fully explore is pretty much open as soon as you arrive though. You're free to head out in any direction and see what you can find. There are random Banished encounters scattered around you can chance upon, but the key activities outside of the story are focused on these key activities: 

  • FOBs - These are 'Forward Operating Bases' that used to belong to the UNSC but have been taken by the Banished. If you liberate them they become bases you can use to resupply and fast travel between, as well as revealing map markers in the surrounding area.
  • Squads - There are numerous UNSC squads scattered around the Ring to be rescued, which will unlock Valor, an in-game upgrade currency. 
  • Targets - There are numerous high-value, named Banished targets you can find and kill. Doing so will earn you a specialised, customised weapon and some Valor. 
  • Outposts - These are large Banished bases you can clear out. Some are required for the story and some aren't. The non-story ones also function as fast travel points once captured. 
  • Story Missions - The main story missions will lead you slowly around the map, anti clockwise although you're free to break off and free roam at any point between missions. 

Generally, the best way to progress will be split between story missions as you progress further into the map, and claiming FOBs to both uncover point of interest and make it faster to move around. 

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