All Halo Infinite targets and modified weapon locations

Halo infinite targets
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Find and kill Halo Infinite Targets to get yourself a modified Halo Infinite weapon, with extra abilities and buffs that you can then equip at your FOBs. The extra firepower and fun changes make it well worth tracking some of these Banished VIPs down in Halo Infinite, especially if you're struggling with a tricky boss - something like a super homing Needler, fragmenting Cindershot, or explosive Skewer can really help in a tough fight. 

You can take on these targets in an any order as you find them on the map, but it's probably best to deal with them as you follow the story and unlock FOBs around the map. None of the Banished targets are that hard to deal with but there are different enemy types you could struggle with if you're trying to push too far too fast into new territory. Upgrading and unlocking better gear and weapons will always make things easier. 

To help you find and take down all the Halo Infinite targets, and claim the special Halo Infinite modified weapons, let's take a tour around the map and see who's where. Coming up we'll be listing these Banished VIPs in the order they're listed in the menu, hence the odd order around the map. 

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Halo Infinite Targets

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There are 15 Halo Infinite targets in all on the map, scattered somewhat unevenly. You can stumble on them by accident as you explore, while capturing Halo Infinite FOBs will mark anything nearby on the map - including any targets. Below we have all 15 targets, and the special weapon you unlock for defeated them and their gang. 

  1. Inka 'Saham / Rapid Fire Pulse Carbine (Faster rate of fire)
  2. Thav 'Sebarim / Arcane Sentinel Beam (Increased damage and faster reload time but smaller magazine)
  3. Okro 'Vagaduun / Dualist Energy Sword (Faster movement, attack, and recovery)
  4. Bipbap / Calcine Disruptor (Increased damage and area of effect electrical damage)
  5. Briglard / Unbound Plasma pistol (Charging fires multiple EMP shots, fewer hits to break shields, and larger bullets)
  6. Barroth / Stalker Rifle Ultra (Faster fire rate and bullet velocity)
  7. Zeretus / M41 Tracker (Homing missiles)
  8. Balkarus / Riven Mangler (Slower fire rate, increased bullets/damage per shot)
  9. En'Geddon / Rushdown Hammer (Increased movement and attack speed, increased damage)
  10. Ik'Novus the Devourer / Volatile Skewer (Explosive ammo)
  11. Arthoc / Ravager Rebound (Ricocheting ammo)
  12. Writh Kul / Pinpoint Needler (Lock-on needles that can track multiple targets)
  13. Skimmer Patrol / Purging Shock Rifle (Increased range and damage)
  14. Myriad / Backdraft Cindershot (Shots fragment and explode)
  15. Ordo 'Mal / Scatterbound heatwave (Tracking ricochets)

You'll need to defeat each specific target and all their cohorts to claim the weapon and unlock it back at your FOBs, so prepare for a fight. There are some enemies here that can be hard to reach without the 40% cooldown upgrade on the Grappleshot to let you climb shear walls. While number 12, Writh Kul, in particular seems to only be reachable with a flying vehicle like a Banshee or Wasp. 

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