Halo Infinite FOBs explained

Halo Infinite campaign FOB platform
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Halo Infinite FOBs, also known as Forward Operating Bases, are an integral part of the Zeta Halo landscape. These outposts allow players to arm themselves, fast travel around, and reveal new items and points of interest on the map. Though now under Banished control, that's not much of a barrier to Master Chief, who basically flosses with alien soldiers every morning. There's loads of FOBs to find in Halo Infinite, and you’ll want to capture every one for quick movement and map control. There's even an option to level them up for new weapons and vehicles. Here’s what you need to know about FOBs in Halo Infinite, including locations and how to upgrade them.

Halo Infinite FOB locations

Halo Infinite campaign FOB map locations

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There are 12 Halo Infinite FOBs in total, that can be found across Zeta Halo in the campaign, and each one starts off occupied by Banished enemies. We recommend capturing as many as you can in your current area, so use our map to see where they are and plan which ones you’ll get next. Be aware that certain FOBs will be blocked off until you progress the story, since they are spread across the numerous fragmented islands of the Halo Ring which aren't all accessible right from the start.

Halo Infinite FOBs and how they work

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You’ll have to capture a Halo Infinite FOB to use it by clearing out all the Banished enemies in the vicinity, and then head over to the console on the platform and follow the button prompt. Once you’ve captured one, you can use it to resupply ammunition and frag grenades or rearm entirely by requesting new weapons or vehicles. Friendly Marines will also be present at any FOB and will join you in the fight against the Banished. Capturing a FOB also marks the locations of any nearby side activities, Spartan Cores, and Mjolnir Armories, so claiming them is really useful for general progress and upgrading your gear.

Halo Infinite campaign FOB echo on map

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Starting out, you’ll only have access to the Mongoose at the vehicle station and the Sidekick at the weapon station. You’ll unlock more as you earn Valor, which we’ll explain below. You can also pick up the powerful weapon variations you’ll unlock by taking down special Banished Targets found in the open world (which will be marked near any FOBs you claim). Each Target uses a unique weapon that becomes permanently unlocked at any FOB once they’ve been defeated.

Halo Infinite campaign FOBs weapon station requisitions

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Finally, every one of these Halo Infinite bases has one audio log lying around. Pick these up to learn more about the events immediately prior to Halo Infinite and how the UNSC ended up in disarray thanks to the Banished.

How to get Valor to upgrade FOBs in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite campaign Valor reward from propaganda tower

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You can unlock more weapons and vehicles at FOBs by earning Halo Infinite Valor. This is a sort of XP system for FOBs only, and reaching certain Valor thresholds unlocks more reinforcements for you to call in at FOBs. For example, you’ll unlock the Battle Rifle once you reach 1,100 Valor and you’ll unlock the Wasp aerial vehicle when you reach 2,600 Valor.

Valor is earned from several sources and in varying amounts but completing main story missions gives you the most – usually several hundred Valor points. You’ll also get small amounts of Valor from certain side activities, including clearing Outposts (100 Valor per Outpost), rescuing Marine squads (30 Valor per squad), and destroying Propaganda Towers (10 Valor per Tower). Hover over map icons and check the information box to see how much Valor you’ll get.

Halo Infinite campaign FOB rewards with Valor

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By opening the Tacmap and then scrolling across to the ‘FOB’ tab, you can see what reinforcements and requisition items you’ve unlocked already, and which ones you’re going to get next. Your current Valor is also displayed in the top-right corner of your screen. Here’s are all the weapons, vehicles, and Marine reinforcements you can unlock for FOBs and how much Valor you need to permanently unlock them:

  1. Mongoose - 300 Valor
  2. MK50 Sidekick - 350 Valor
  3. M40 Assault Rifle - 400 Valor
  4. Assault Marine with Assault Rifle - 450 Valor
  5. Razorback (Warthog Variant) - 500 Valor
  6. Frag Grenade - 550 Valor
  7. CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun - 600 Valor
  8. Breacher Marine with Shotgun - 650 Valor
  9. Warthog - 800 Valor
  10. VK47 Commando - 900 Valor
  11. Scout Marine with Commando - 1,000 Valor
  12. BR75 Battle Rifle - 1,100
  13. Heavy Assault Marine with Battle Rifle - 1,200 Valor
  14. Gungoose (Mongoose Variant) - 1,400 Valor
  15. S7 Sniper Rifle - 1,500 Valor
  16. Sniper Marine with Sniper Rifle - 1,600 Valor
  17. M41 SPNKr Rocket Launcher - 1,700 Valor
  18. Demolition Marine with Rocket Launcher - 1,800 Valor
  19. Scorpion Tank - 2,000 Valor
  20. Hydra - 2,100 Valor
  21. Striker Sidekick (Sidekick Variant) - 2,200 Valor
  22. MA40 Longshot (Assault Rifle Variant) - 2,300 Valor
  23. Convergence Bulldog (Bulldog Variant) - 2,400 Valor
  24. Wasp - 2,600 Valor
  25. Impact Commando (Commando Variant) - 2,700 Valor
  26. BR75 Breacher (Battle Rifle Variant) - 2,800 Valor
  27. S7 Flexfire Sniper (Sniper Rifle Variant) - 2,900 Valor
  28. Pursuit Hydra (Hydra Variant) - 3,000 Valor
  29. Rocket Hog - 3,200 Valor
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