Guerrilla war fare

Steven Soderbergh has long been interested in making a film about the life of iconic Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, the star of a million T-shirts.

Guerrilla, which will star Benjamin Bratt as Guevara, follows the story of the man who trained as a doctor before becoming Fidel Castro’s chief lieutenant. His story ended abruptly in 1967 when he was captured and executed by Bolivian forces.

A chunk of his early life has already been dramatised in Walter Salles’ 2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries. Soderbergh’s biopic is set to begin cranking cameras on 21 January in New York, with locations also planned in Mexico’s Veracruz.

When he’s finished with that Soderbergh may – emphasis on the may – segue into filming Life Interrupted, a monologue that writer Spaulding Gray was working on before he died.