Guardians of the Galaxy writer signs on to co-write the Pokemon movie

Remember about a month ago when the entire world started its love affair with Pokemon Go? It was around that same time Legendary Pictures snapped up the rights to a live-action Pokemon film that will actually be inspired by a different game within the brand, Great Detective Pikachu. Development on the film moves forward today as Variety reports that two writers have joined the project, Guardians of the Galaxy's Nicole Perlman and Gravity Falls scribe Alex Hirsch. 

Perlman's biggest gig to date is Marvel's space-set adventure, and she'll be following that up soon with Captain Marvel that she's penning alongside Inside Out's Meg La Fauve. As for Hirsch, he created Gravity Falls, an animated series that's received a lot of praise from both adults and kids. Based on their previous projects, they make for a fun creative pairing and it'll be interesting to see the approach they take in bringing Pikachu's tale to life.  

If the film lifts its story straight from that game - and we're not entirely sure that it will at this point - it will revolve around the iconic monster's exploits cracking crimes with his human sidekick. Whichever route Perlman and Hirsch choose to take, there's a lot riding on the film with millions of Pokemon fans hooked into the Go app. That's a lot of people to please. 

Images: Nintendo  

Gem Seddon

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