GTA Trilogy gameplay trailers offer a closer look at each city after recent leaks

GTA Trilogy
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Update: Three new GTA Trilogy gameplay trailers have been released after footage leaked ahead of launch.

The trailers offer comparisons between the original games and their remasters, showing off their enhanced visuals in all three games, focusing on environment footage of the streets you'll be laying claim to.

New images also show off some of the game's new features, including GTA 5-styleselection wheels for both weapons and radio stations, allowing you to pick your soundtrack and your weapon of choice more easily.

An accompanying factsheet outlines a number of other quality of life changes, including the ability to add waypoints to the improved mini-maps, the ability to restart failed missions straight away, and improved targeting controls.

Original story: GTA Trilogy gameplay has leaked online, ahead of the official launch tomorrow.

As first reported by VGC (opens in new tab) earlier this morning on November 10, gameplay for the remastered GTA Trilogy has been appearing throughout Reddit and YouTube. You can see one brief sample just below, where a Reddit user has somehow managed to acquire the remastered trilogy early, and posted gameplay of CJ booking it down the streets of San Andreas.

Elsewhere, there's over half an hour of gameplay from the remastered version of GTA 3 over on YouTube (opens in new tab), showing the beginning of the game playing out in full over a livestream. Finally, if you want an early look at the remastered version of GTA Vice City, then you can head to this video on YouTube (opens in new tab) for a 26-minute sneak peak of the game.

It's not especially surprising that copies of the GTA Remastered Trilogy have managed to find their way out into the wild with just a day to go until launch. It's a little more surprising that Rockstar publisher Take-Two Interactive hasn't used any DMCA strikes against the leaked gameplay, but with merely less than 24 hours to go until launch, maybe it's more effort than it's worth at this point.

The remastered versions of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are now all available to pre-load digitally across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, before the remastered trilogy launches tomorrow on November 11. While the digital versions of the remastered trilogy are available tomorrow across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch, physical editions of the trilogy won't be launching until next month on December 6.

Head over to our full GTA Trilogy guide for five things you need to know before you delve into the remastered trilogy tomorrow.

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