How to find GTA Online Street Dealers and sell them product

Meeting one of the GTA Online Street Dealers
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GTA Online Street Dealers have started lurking in the back roads and dark alleyways of Los Santos and Blaine County, which is good news for you if you've got product to sell. These pushers are in the market for acid, cocaine, meth, and weed, with one of those being their preferred narcotic and netting you a hefty increase in sale price over other distribution methods in GTA Online. Naturally, they're not exactly keen to advertise their locations, so we've got the details on how to find Street Dealers in GTA Online and sell them your product.

Where are Street Dealers in GTA Online

GTA Online Street Dealers will spawn in three random locations around the map, though unlike the GTA Online G's Caches and GTA Online Stash Houses you can't select them on the list of points of interest as they only appear on there when you're close. Once you're in proximity of a Street Dealer, a purple speech bubble icon will pop up:

The GTA Online Street Dealers icon on the map

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At the marked location you'll find one of the Street Dealers in GTA Online, who you can then approach and interact with to initiate a sale. To find the three current locations of the dealers, you can consult the interactive GTAWeb map (opens in new tab), selecting Street Dealers from the side bar if it isn't automatically highlighted.

How to sell product to GTA Online Street Dealers

Selling drugs to one of the GTA Online Street Dealers

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When you interact with one of the GTA Online Street Dealers, you'll be presented with a list of the four drugs traded in the game, though you'll need to have completed the following prerequisites and have Product available before you can make a sale of that particular narcotic:

  • Acid - Purchase a GTA Online Acid Lab
  • Cocaine - Purchase a Cocaine Lockup
  • Meth - Purchase a Methamphetamine Lab
  • Weed - Purchase a Weed Farm

The quantity requested by Street Dealers in GTA Online will be the same across all three NPCs, though their prices for each item will vary. Each dealer will also have one specific drug they are prioritizing, which is marked with a star at the top of the list, and for this they will pay a higher price than usual. As with their locations, the prices and drug preferences for each Street Dealer will change on a daily basis, so visit them regularly to keep track of the market.

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