GTA Online Record A Studios location and how to access it

GTA Online Record A Studios location
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The GTA Online Record A Studios is a location new to Los Santos with the GTA Online The Contract update. However, you'll have probably noticed after completing a few story missions that it's not actually mentioned, so you're probably wondering where exactly you can find the studios in GTA Online. Well, there's good news and bad on this topic: While it is a place you can go to at any time, whether they let you inside to enjoy the benefits is a different matter. If you want to learn more, here's what you need to know about the GTA Online Record A Studios location and how to access it.

GTA Online Record A Studios location

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The GTA Online Record A Studios location can be found in west Los Santos, more specifically in the Rockford Hills area just southeast of the golf country club. However, you need to unlock access to it first, as until then you can only stand around in the street outside and try to peer in through the windows.

How to access GTA Online Record A Studios

GTA Online The Contract

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To access the interior of GTA Online Record A Studios you're going to have to put in work first, and that means completing all of The Contract's story mission thread. This will solidify your relationship with Dr Dre, and Franklin will then call to invite you to for a tour of the venue. He suggests you "bring a friend", as going to Record A Studios for the first time will trigger one of the GTA Online Short Trips co-op missions which requires two players. Once your first Short Trip is complete, the GTA Online Record A Studios location will be added to your map and you can return there as often as you like to mooch around, listen in on Dr Dre, or play more Short Trip co-op missions.

Players have also been reporting a glitch where entering GTA Online Record A Studios for the first time either results in an endless loading screen and they have to quit, or they otherwise leave the session, then the marker disappears and Franklin doesn't call back to set it up again. If this happens to you, the solution is to try switching to a new lobby, perhaps even reloading the game, then registering as a CEO via the SecuroServ menu and driving around the city until Franklin makes the call – though this may take some time so be patient and work on other pursuits in the meantime.

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