New GTA Online weapons including the Tactical SMG are here

GTA Online New Weapons including the Tactical SMG
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If you're looking for GTA Online new weapons to add to your inventory then you have a few to choose from, joining the rather large existing roster following almost a decade of updates. The most recent arrival is the Tactical SMG, which dropped as part of the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update and offers a brutal level of damage from drive-by shootings. The previously released Railgun is still available, though you can now only pick it up if it's featured in the weekly GTA Online Gun Van inventory rotation, so it has become somewhat rarer though not unobtainable. Keeping up to date with the latest weapon developments will help you to remain competitive in GTA Online and stop you falling behind your rivals, so this guide is here to keep you one step ahead of the crowd with a rundown of the most recent new GTA Online weapons.

GTA Online new weapons - Tactical SMG

The Tactical SMG as part of the GTA Online New Weapons

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The latest GTA Online new weapon to be added is the Tactical SMG, which you can only obtain by visiting the Gun Van. This sidearm features an oversized magazine and fully automatic firing, which coupled with the high rate of damage it delivers makes it perfect for drive-by attacks. In fact, it's capable of twice the capacity you get with the related Micro SMG, packing in 60 rounds if you get the Extended Clip, and this makes it a formidable weapon if you invest the GTA$325,000 purchase price to add it to your arsenal. You can pick up the following add-ons from the Gun Van:

  • Rounds x 66 - $112 each
  • Default Clip - included as standard
  • Extended Clip - $27,500
  • Suppressor - $25,000
  • Scope - $32,000
  • Black tint - included as standard
  • Army tint - $5,000
  • Green tint - $5,250
  • Orange tint - $5,500
  • LSPD tint - $5,750
  • Pink tint - $7,500
  • Gold tint - $10,000
  • Platinum tint - $12,500

GTA Online new weapons - Railgun

The Railgun as part of the GTA Online New Weapons

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A fairly recent addition to the GTA Online new weapons is the Railgun, which can only be purchased from the Gun Van when it appears as part of the weekly inventory rotation. This futuristic shooter uses magnets to fire projectiles at high speed, dealing huge amounts of damage to any target they hit, so it will easily chew through enemies and vehicles alike. It does carry a hefty GTA$730,000 price tag, but the destructive force it provides is well worth the investment. The Railgun holds a maximum of 20 rounds, which should be more than enough to raze an entire area to the ground, but you can always purchase more ammo through the Interaction Menu if you need it in the heat of combat. The following add-ons can also be bought from the Gun Van when available:

  • Rounds x 2 - $900 each
  • Black tint - included as standard
  • Army tint - $4,500
  • Green tint - $4,725
  • Orange tint - $4,950
  • LSPD tint - $5,175
  • Pink tint - $6,750
  • Gold tint - $9,000
  • Platinum tint - $11,250

There are no other modifications available for the Railgun such as an Extended Clip or Flashlight, and naturally you can't fit a Suppressor to it either!

GTA Online new weapons - Combat Shotgun and Molotov

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Ok, so technically these aren't GTA Online new weapons in the strictest sense as it was possible to get them before, but this is the first time you've been able to purchase them directly from a vendor. Previously, you had to find the Combat Shotgun in the estate during The Cayo Perico Heist before you could then purchase it at Ammu-Nation stores, while Molotovs could be collected in Biker missions, from your bunker's shooting range, or from the mess of the Kosatka submarine. At the time of writing you can buy both of these from the Gun Van, with the Combat Shotgun costing GTA$295,000 and Molotovs selling for GTA$200 each, less any discount you have available.

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