All of the cars removed from GTA Online

All of the cars removed from GTA Online
RUNE Cheburek (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

There have been a significant number of cars removed from GTA Online following the latest update, with almost 200 vehicles being taken off sale including fan favorite, the budget RUNE Cheburek. Rockstar have addressed this by saying they've removed "lesser-used vehicles" in order to "streamline the browsing experience" as part of the improvements delivered with the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update, but the change has upset many players who feel they're now missing out on swathes of historic content. If you're getting up to speed on this big change, then we have an explanation of what's happened and a complete list for all of the cars removed from GTA Online.

Are the removed cars still available in GTA Online?

GTA Online The Vinewood Car Club

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Firstly, to be clear – if you already own any of the vehicles removed from GTA Online then you'll still have access to them through your garages, so they won't be taken away from you. However, if you haven't picked them up previously then they won't be available for new purchases through websites such as Luxury Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos etc.

GTA Online new cars

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

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Although the cars removed from GTA Online can no longer be purchased through the in-game dealership websites, they won't be impossible to obtain in the future, but it will be a lot more difficult. Rockstar have said they will still appear from time to time at the GTA Online Luxury Autos and GTA Online Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealerships, or be prizes on the casino podium – for which the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch could help you secure them if and when they come back around.

Those on PS5 or Xbox Series are able to purchase any of these removed vehicles from other players who already own them via the LS Car Meet, and there's a dedicated r/GTACarMeetMarket forum on Reddit for players to arrange buying and selling these cars. If you're subscribed to the premium GTA+ service then you'll also have access to the Vinewood Car Club, where some of the cars removed from GTA Online may appear for test drive or purchase as part of the curated selection available. Unfortunately if you're on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, then the only chance you have of acquiring these vehicles is if they are offered through the above dealerships or the Lucky Wheel.

List of cars removed from GTA Online

Thanks to information from MGgames100 posted on GTA Forums, we have an extensive list of cars removed from GTA Online. Strap yourself in, as these are all of the vehicles you'll no longer be able to purchase through conventional means:

Legendary Motorsport

Legendary Motorsport cars removed from GTA Online

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)


  • 190Z
  • 811
  • 9F
  • 9F Cabrio
  • Alpha
  • Brawler
  • Bullet
  • Carbonizzare
  • Cheetah
  • Cognoscenti Cabrio
  • Comet
  • Comet SR
  • Coquette
  • Coquette BlackFin
  • Cyclone
  • Deviant
  • Entity XF
  • ETR1
  • Feltzer
  • Furore GT
  • GP1
  • GT500
  • Hustler
  • Imorgon
  • Infernus
  • JB700
  • Jester
  • Locust
  • Lynx
  • Neo
  • Paragon R
  • Rapid GT
  • Rapid GT Cabrio
  • Rapid GT Classic
  • Raptor
  • RE-7B
  • Ruston
  • S80RR
  • Savestra
  • SC1
  • Seven-70
  • Stafford
  • Stinger
  • Stinger GT
  • Stirling GT
  • Surrano
  • Swinger
  • Tigon
  • Torero
  • Tyrus
  • Vacca
  • Verlierer
  • Viseris
  • Voltic
  • XA-21
  • Z-Type
  • Zorruso


  • Baller LE (both versions)
  • Cognoscenti (both versions)
  • Cognoscenti 55 (both versions)
  • Exemplar
  • Raiden
  • Revolter
  • Roosevelt
  • Roosevelt Valor
  • Schafter LWB (both versions)
  • Stafford
  • Super Diamond
  • XLS (both versions)


  • Thrust

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Southern San Andreas Super Autos cars removed from GTA Online

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)


  • Blade
  • F620
  • Fagaloa
  • Fusilade
  • Futo
  • Gauntlet
  • Hermes
  • Issi
  • Issi Sport
  • Jester Racecar
  • Massacro Racecar
  • Michelli GT
  • Nebula Turbo
  • Penumbra
  • Peyote Gasser
  • Picador
  • Pigalle
  • Prairie
  • Rat-Loader
  • Retinue
  • Romero
  • Ruiner
  • Schwartzer
  • Sentinel
  • Tornado Rat-Rod
  • Vamos
  • Vigero
  • Zion
  • Zion Cabrio
  • Zion Classic


  • Asea
  • Asterope
  • BeeJay XL
  • Buffalo
  • Buffalo S
  • Cheburek
  • Dilettante
  • Dynasty
  • FQ2
  • Franken Stange
  • Fugitive
  • Granger
  • Habanero
  • Ingot
  • Intruder
  • Jackal
  • Minivan
  • Oracle Xs
  • Premier
  • Primo
  • Ranger
  • Regina
  • Schafter
  • Seminole Frontier
  • Serrano
  • Stanier
  • Stratum
  • Streiter
  • Surge
  • Tailgater
  • Tulip
  • Warrener
  • Washington


  • Baller
  • Cavalcade
  • Cavalcade 2nd Gen
  • Contender
  • Felon
  • Felon GT
  • Gresley
  • Landstalker
  • Landstalker XL
  • Oracle
  • Patriot
  • Rocoto


  • Akuma
  • Avarus
  • Bagger
  • Bati 801RR
  • Blazer
  • Cliffhanger
  • Daemon
  • Double-T
  • Enduro
  • Esskey
  • Faggio
  • Faggio Mod
  • Fagio Sport
  • Hakuchou
  • Hexer
  • Hot Rod Blazer
  • Innovation
  • Nemesis
  • PCJ 600
  • Rat-Bike
  • Ruffian
  • Sanchez (both versions)
  • Sovereign
  • Vader
  • Wolfsbane
  • Zombie Bobber


  • Bison
  • Bodhi
  • Dune Buggy
  • Hellion
  • Injection
  • Kalahari
  • Rebel
  • Rebel (Clean)
  • Riata
  • Sandking SWB
  • Seminole

Warstock Cache & Carry

Warstock Cache & Carry cars removed from GTA Online

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)
  • Blazer Lifeguard
  • Liberator
  • Lifeguard
  • Mesa
  • Squaddie
  • Verus

Benny's Original Motor Works

Benny's Original Motor Works cars removed from GTA Online

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)
  • Comet

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