How to get the GTA Online 50 car garage

The GTA Online 50 car garage property on Eclipse Blvd
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The GTA Online 50 car garage has been a hotly anticipated property for some time now, ever since references to it were discovered in the update files for the Los Santos Drug Wars. With players amassing huge fleets of vehicles over years of collecting in GTA Online, parking space is increasingly at a premium, so the appeal of a luxury 5-floor private garage in the prime location of Eclipse Blvd is obvious. It's not quite the biggest garage in GTA Online, though it does come a close second, so if you're ready to expand your vehicle storage then here's how to get the 50 car garage in GTA Online.

How to buy the Eclipse Blvd 50 car garage in GTA Online

GTA Online 50 car garage on the Dynasty 8 website

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To buy the Eclipse Blvd 50 car garage in GTA Online you need to access the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website, which is easiest to do via your phone but can also be reached through the various computers dotted around your properties and businesses. Make sure you visit the regular Dynasty 8 page and not the separate Dynasty 8 Executive website, or you won't find what you're looking for. Unlike some other properties, you can't purchase this garage by approaching the For Sale sign outside, so you need to complete the transaction online.

Click on View Property Listings, and the Eclipse Blvd Custom Garage should appear at the top of the list. Choose it, then move on to the Select Interiors section to customize the appearance of your new 50 car garage. There are three styles – Immaculate, Industrial, or Indulgent – and 12 color schemes available, and all of them cost the same. Make your selection, then purchase the property for GTA$2,740,000 and you'll be all set to start moving cars there.

Where is the GTA Online 50 car garage

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The location of the GTA Online 50 car garage can be found on Eclipse Blvd, the large main street running across the north side of central Los Santos. Currently there's no way to directly transfer your vehicles from one garage to another, so you'll need to drive them here and park up to store them inside your new property. However, you can reach this location, then pull out your phone and call the Mechanic to request a ride from any of your other parking lots, then simply drive it into the 50 car garage once the vehicle is delivered near you.

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