How to buy the biggest garage in GTA Online

biggest garage in GTA Online
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Adding the biggest garage in GTA Online to your portfolio of properties is a wise investment, especially if you've amassed a huge fleet of rides over the years and need a convenient location to store them all safely. You can obtain new vehicles from multiple sources, including winning LS Car Meet races, spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino, or just buying GTA Online new cars as and when they launch through the assorted auto dealerships, and the upshot of all that is you can easily find yourself running out of parking spots in GTA Online. To rectify that situation, it's helpful to centralize rather than have small lots all over town, so here's the lowdown on which is the biggest garage in GTA Online, and how you can own it.

The biggest garage in GTA Online

biggest garage in GTA Online

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The biggest garage in GTA Online is the Office Garage, where you can purchase three garage floors that each hold 20 vehicles to give you a total capacity of 60! This used to be by far the largest option available, though the release of the GTA Online 50 car garage on Eclipse Boulevard means a second huge location can be chosen. If you're interested in the maximum vehicle storage available at other properties, then here's a round up of the big players:

  • Office Garage - 60 vehicles
  • Eclipse Blvd - 50 vehicles
  • Nightclub - 31 vehicles
  • Arena Workshop - 30 vehicles (27 personal + 3 large)
  • Agency - 20 vehicles
  • Facility - 12 vehicles (7 personal + 5 weaponized)
  • Arcade - 10 vehicles
  • Auto Shop - 10 vehicles
  • Casino Penthouse - 10 vehicles
  • High-end Apartment - 10 vehicles
  • MC Clubhouse - 10 vehicles (motorcycles only)

There are also some smaller garage properties available, but that's not what you've come here for so we'll disregard those.

How to buy an Office Garage in GTA Online

biggest garage in GTA Online

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So now you know that an Office Garage is the biggest garage in GTA Online, you'll naturally want to add one to your property portfolio for maximum vehicle storage, but it's not immediately obvious how to do this. To purchase an Office Garage in GTA Online, open the web browser and head to the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty site. You'll no doubt own an Office already, but if not then purchase one of those first, then hover the pointer over your property and a garage icon will pop out of the side. Clicking this will then allow you to add up to three Office Garages to your property, each of which can store 20 vehicles, at a respective cost of $1,150,000, $855,000, and $745,000 per garage.

biggest garage in GTA Online

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Once you've purchased an Office Garage, you can simply drive a vehicle up to the marker outside to store it in your new facility. The layout inside can feel a little confusing at first, as each of the three garages are divided into three levels, which you need to access via the internal stairs once you're inside the relevant Office Garage floor. They are divided up as follows:

  • 1st Garage Floor ($1,150,000)
    • Level 1A - 6 vehicles
    • Level 1B - 7 vehicles
    • Level 1C - 7 vehicles
  • 2nd Garage Floor ($855,000)
    • Level 2A - 6 vehicles
    • Level 2B - 7 vehicles
    • Level 2C - 7 vehicles
  • 3rd Garage Floor ($745,000)
    • Level 3A - 6 vehicles
    • Level 3B - 7 vehicles
    • Level 3C - 7 vehicles

The marker near the elevator can be interacted with to access the vehicle management menu, to quickly move your cars between parking spots. You can also use the elevator to travel between your Office Garage floors, access your office, or exit to ground or roof level. To retrieve a vehicle, simply hop inside then hit the accelerator to deliver it to the street via the lift.

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