GTA: First jacktastic screenshots

[23/09/04 11:27]

In addition to the cutscene screenshots that we posted yesterday, we now have a slew of new in-game screens. Click the 'more shots' tab on the right to see them right now.

Finally, Rockstar have confirmed a number of details about Grand Theft Auto on GBA and we have the first shots of the popular car-jacking fest on the small screen.

Set in Liberty City, you play a mobster set for retirement but things take a turn for the worse on his last job when a car-bomb kills his partner Vinnie. Of course, your character is now the prime suspect with every cop in the city on your case and it's down to you to clear your name and nail those responsible. So begins this all-new story of revenge.

As , the game does indeed use a top-down perspective like the original PlayStation game. Liberty City is said to be a huge sprawling metropolis and, in addition to the progressive storyline, there are hundreds of side-missions including taxi driver, paramedic, fire fighter, street racing, vigilante, and rampages, which has always been one of the major attractions of the series. Naturally, you'll want to get down to stealing cars as soon as is humanly possible and the vehicles confirmed so far are compacts, sports cars, delivery trucks, taxis, SWAT vans and tanks.

Car-jacking is set to get a whole new lease of life as GTA moves into handheld territory and many a gamer will be cutting their teeth on the franchise come 22 October when it's released.