GTA 5 Letter Scraps location guide

South Los Santos


38: For this scrap, go all the way to the end of the Del Perro Pier and look for Pearls restaurant on the right side. The scrap will be on the second floor, so get up there, take the stairs to the right of the medical building and then cross the bridge over to the restaurant.

39: in Vespucci, just west of the tennis courts, where the water surrounded houses are, go down the stairs to the water and look under the bridge to the south. The scrap will be in the center ledge.

40: Make your way to Vespucci beach and look for the skaters hanging out at the empty pools along the board walk. When you spot it, hop in and the scrap will be at the bottom of the bowl.

41: At the south end of the airport on the ground floor, look beside the red LSIA sign and in front of the blue sets to find the scrap on the ground there.

42: for this scrap, you’ll need to get yourself up to the circular platform underneath the odd looking structure in the center of the airport. To get up there, you’ll need to land a chopper or go for a parachute dive.

43: At the port of Los Santos, look for the green and blue tug boat that is in dry dock. Board the boat and the scrap will be at the front of the boat in front of the cabin.

44: Make your way to Grove St. and look behind this house for the scrap. Grove St. 4 Life.

45: Drive to the Mega Mall and look inside the large green dumpster in the parking lot.

46: On the Vespucci Blvd bridge, look inside the archway on the bridge just before you get to Popular St.

47: At the Elysian Fields highway, north of the terminal to the south, there is a train tunnel just to the west. It is a separate track beside the freeway that makes a turn to the north. Jump on the train tracks and run through the tunnel going north. Eventually you will come to an alcove on the left with some boxes and the scrap will be there.

48: Make your way to the Terminal at the south part of the city and go to the large cargo lifter where some guys are standing around. Climb to the top and then drop down to the purple container below. Go west across a white contain and then jump over to a blue container where the scrap is.

49: Make your way to the car scrap yard in the oil fields and inside the middle building on the right, there will be a small office. Look to the side of the building to see half of a bus and the scrap will be inside.

50: On the very east coast, just east of the Palomino Highlands, there is a small island. Look to the north end, on the east side of it to find the scrap of paper there.

Congratulations - you've found all of the letter scraps. Now use Franklin to visit the new Strangers and Freaks mission marker that's appeared in Vinewood Hills to confront the killer.