All Grounded toenail locations

Grounded toenails
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Grounded toenails have only a couple of locations in game, and while it might be a bit disgusting to go hunting for them, there's a benefit to doing so. If you can get a tier 3 busting tool, you can break them apart to make special weapons, as well as how to make the plot-essential Embiggening Cocktail that's needed for story progression. With that in mind, we've laid out where to find toenails in Grounded below, so you can nail this scavenger hunt (arf arf) for yourself.

Where to get toenails in Grounded

Grounded toenails

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Grounded ORC secret lab

Grounded orc secret lab castle moldorc

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There's a secret Grounded ORC lab run by Ominent somewhere in the Garden - find it with our guide here!

Grounded toenails are located in a few places in the late-game Upper Yard, but by far the easiest is one where players have already been - the porch table by the chair where you found Wendell's SCAB location in Grounded. On the same table is the "dirty ashtray" - and if you climb inside, there'll be four toenails.

Keep in mind that you'll need a tier 3 busting tool to harvest them! Weirdly enough, toenails are treated like nodes until you break them down with the Black Ox Hammer, which we've laid out how to get in our Grounded weapons page. 

Now that you have them, you can head to any Field Station and analyze them, as well as using the Resource Surveyor to find more. They're near impossible to find otherwise, but we know of at least one more for you to get (shown on the map above, in the central Upper Yard area in Grounded) if you haven't found the nearby Field Stations to mark it.

Directly south of the fallen tire in the Upper Yard is a damp, almost jungle-like area (be warned, there's at least one Wolf Spider that calls the area home). Among this zone is a broken white pipe jutting out of the ground, one that you can walk into - and inside is a single toenail, which when combined with the other toenails in the dirty ashtray, will be enough to craft that part of the cocktail. What a quest!

Of course, once you're done, you'll have to start a new - very hard quest - about defending the Grounded MIXR Modules and Javamatic. For help on that, check out the attached guide!

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