Greg Berlanti lights The Green Lantern

While today’s news stories are in danger of becoming the All Comics special edition, there is another story to be told about DC Comics heroes getting ready to hit the big screen.

Warners is digging once more into its bag of DC Heroes and has set director Greg Berlanti to co-write and direct an adaptation of Green Lantern.

Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green (who both work with Berlanti and have written comics in the past) are collaborating with him on the script, which will chronicle the origin of the character, who first arrived on the printed page in 1940. Hal Jordan, a test pilot gets charged with a very extraordinary job- defending our sector of the universe.

There’s no word on when it might be ready to shoot, but with a team behind the camera assembled, Warners will no doubt be hoping it can be set up before any strike…