Grab the latest 32GB iPad for only $229 (that’s $100 off) as a last-chance Christmas deal at Walmart right now

Get $100 off a 32GB 2018 iPad at Walmart right now

Tablets and iPads make great gifts, and not just for the tech-inclined. Now more than ever, generally, they are incredibly affordable and can (just about) be a great ‘main’ Christmas present for someone - or yourself. So, if you’ve been holding out hope for a great last-minute tablet deal, this 32GB iPad (the 2018 model) offering from Walmart has come at the perfect time. The tablet is available in three different colours, and all are going for $229 - that’s a whopping 100 dollars off.

Get $100 off a 32GB iPad at Walmart - now just $229
Almost certainly the last chance to capitalise on a Christmas iPad deal, this is a great offer and bags you, or a loved one, the latest iPad - a perfect Christmas gift or purchase.View Deal

Apple products often hold their value better and remain at higher prices than their Android counter parts so when they go on sale, they go fast. This is because they are reliable, slick and versatile - from mobile gaming to watching TV or films, this will have your back. It’s the smallest of the iPad siblings in terms of capacity, but it will still be large enough for the holidays if you’re travelling to see family and want to take some files, programmes or games along with you. The large retina screen will make everything look just as good as any other tablet out there, and makes mobile games like Monument Valley and Gorogoa look spectacularly bright and a joy to play. And with quicker shipping times than ever still available, it should be with you by Christmas Eve if you order it today - a terrific last minute Christmas miracle.

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