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Grab Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered (and Infinite Warfare) for $17 in the US, £13 in the UK

Sure, there's a Call of Duty every year, but there's only been one Call of Duty 4. For all the fuss people make about Half-Life 2 for being the first FPS to care about the story, it was Modern Warfare that set the basic template of first person shooters for the next ten or so years. It was a game full of incredible set pieces, amazing characters, ridiculously responsive gunplay and - in a genre full of impossible heroes doing impossible heroic things - a grounded feel to its world and action. It even managed to kill one of the playable characters, something so unthinkable at the time it wasn't until the credits rolled that many actually believed it had really happened. 

And now the remastered edition is $17 at If you're in the UK, it's even cheaper - £12.82 at Amazon. Okay, it's the version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that comes with COD4 bundled, but we all know what you're really buying it for. And hey: you get a free copy of Infinite Warfare with it! US deals are at the top, UK below.

If you've somehow missed out, either on the game as a whole, or on the shiny remastered edition, $17 is a great price for a slice of gaming history. And it's got ten multiplayer maps as well if you really want some nostalgia running around classic maps like Crash or Downpour. 

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Leon Hurley
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