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Gloomhaven has fallen to its lowest ever price in this board game sale on Amazon

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Gloomhaven has had a massive discount as a part of the Amazon daily deals, reducing it to $85 instead of $140. That's the cheapest the popular RPG has ever been. Because Gloomhaven ranks as one of the best board games out there, saving $55 on it isn't an opportunity to miss. Just move fast - the deal ends today, November 17.

Although another, similar offer may come around as part of the Black Friday board game deals, we'd be surprised if Gloomhaven went this low again; we've rarely seen it for less than $100.

An intricate adventure with hours of questing and lots of miniatures under the hood, it stands apart from the crowd due to the consequences that follow your party from mission to mission. Basically, it's the board game equivalent of Baldur's Gate 3. Because the sequel - Frosthaven - is still months away, the original is still your best bet if you want an immersive tabletop experience to share with your friends (one that isn't the best tabletop RPGs, anyway).

It's not the only board game offer on Amazon today, either. Other daily deals include favorites like Forbidden Island and the Exit escape room series. However, these will end in a few hours as well. Move fast if you want to capitalize on the offers.

Gloomhaven deal

Gloomhaven and its sequel may have  stiff competition before long; Bardsung, the HeroQuest reboot, and the Divinity Original Sin board game are all coming to take the crown. If they end up being anywhere near as good as Gloomhaven, that's something to get excited about.

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