Gjallarhorn is coming to Destiny 2 this December

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Gjallarhorn is coming to Destiny 2. 

That might sound like nonsense to some, but it was one of the biggest surprises at Bungie's big August 24 showcase, which is really saying something since it also delivered the first Destiny 2: The Witch Queen trailer and teased Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the last expansion in the ongoing Light and Darkness saga. 

Gjallarhorn was a famously powerful Exotic rocket launcher back in the original Destiny, and while it was eventually nerfed and revived in another form, its legacy remains intact. Bungie's now bringing the boss-melting behemoth to Destiny 2 as part of its 30-year celebration bundle, which will arrive this December. 

"We're gonna take its iconic status to the next level," Bungie said. "Gjally has been carefully updated for the Destiny 2 sandbox." Rocket launchers as a whole got a big buff this year, so Gjallarhorn is just in time to join the fun. 

Gjallarhorn, or perhaps a quest to obtain it, will drop from a new dungeon coming in the 30-year bundle. Gjallarhorn enthusiasts will also get a chance to grab a functional, dart-firing Gjallarhorn made by Nerf. Bungie says it'll have more information on that collectible soon.

Gjallarhorn is arguably the crown jewel of the Bungie 30th anniversary pack, but there's a bunch of other Destiny 2 content in it too. It's been positioned as a big mid-season refresh for the Season of the Lost, which will run until The Witch Queen arrives on February 22, and it's packing the aforementioned "pirate-themed" dungeon, exclusive armor and nostalgic weapons (hello, Eyasluna), as well as a new six-player matchmade activity called Dares of Eternity. 

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